Ypsilanti Bans Smoking at Three Children’s Playgrounds

Playground for Kids

City Council in Ypsilanti, Michigan, last week approved an ordinance that would prohibit smoking at all three children’s playgrounds in the city.

According to Bob Krzewinski of the Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation Commission, they have no intention to make this policy a priority and no one will be sitting out there and writing tickets. The main goal of the policy is to discourage people from smoking in parks as it may affect non-smoking visitors and their kids. Today many people are aware about secondhand smoke effects and they do not want to be exposed to it.

Also  Krzewinski told that it is very important to prohibit smoking in parks because it will help to reduce litter in parks. Cigarette butts are hazardous for the environment as they need hundreds of years to be dossolved.

Krzewinski propsed to ban smoking in all Ypsilanti parks, but Council members told it is too early to talk about such initiative. However, he was glad that his idea to ban smoking at children’s playgrounds found support. He believes that soon the ban will be extended to all city parks.

During the public hearing no one expressed his opinion on the proposed ordinance to the city charter. Only DeBorah Borden from the Washtenaw County Tobacco Use Prevention Program spoke during one of previous public hearings.  Thus he told that it is very important for the city to adopt a smoke-free ordinance banning smoking at playgrounds as it will be the first step towards promotion of a healthy lifestyle and clean environment.

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