Will Smoking be Banned in Single-Family Homes?


Jesse Arreguin, the Councilman of Berkeley City, proposed to prohibit smoking in single-family homes. In her turn, Susan Wengraf, the Councilwoman, was appalled as she supports the proposal to prohibit smoking in multiunit homes.

The major aim is to protect people living in multiunit buildings from secondhand smoke that is considered to have negative effects on health. Residents consider the notion of a single-family-home ban scary. The proposal of Wengraf makes the multiunit ordinance seem reasonable.

Anthony Sanchez, the Arreguin adviser, says that the recommendation is really just a nonactionable subject of future consideration.

Berkeley already has prohibited smoking outdoors in such places as parks, commercial districts and bus stations, and now nonsmokers may walk without inhaling tobacco smoke. Does prohibiting smoking in the workplace, at restaurants and bars mean that work of nonsmoker-rights advocates is already done? No. The job is not done yet.

Therefore, the Berkeley proposal to prohibit smoking in multiunit dwellings is not the first one in Bay Area. Wengraf says that tobacco smoke can enter ventilation systems and spread through a building.  But what if does not? What if in the building secondhand smoke does not spread and neighbors does not feel it? So in this case tobacco smoke does not bother others. However, if you smoke in an apartment, you are guilty.

Enter Arreguin, considers that the multiunit ordinance would fall unfairly on residents. Therefore, if the Berkeley City is going to tell what people can do in their own lodgings, it should adopt a ban in any dwelling including single ones.

Arreguin suggests that the ban to be applied if a minor lives in the home or a non-smoker older person. He names it most ambitious smoking ban at private spaces and says it does not matter if you permitted it everyone in the room. However, a man aged 63 cannot stay near a smoker.  Cynthia Hallett, the representative of Nonsmokers, says that right now, the policy trend is really for multiunit housing.

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