What do people inhale with the smoke?

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 different chemical compounds, most of which are poisonous to varying degrees. Many of them will not only destroy the body’s cells, but also start oncologic process, that is, they are carcinogenic, compared to which nicotine, a drop of which really can kill a horse, is not too dangerous substance.

A man exhales the cigarette smoke

A man exhales the cigarette smoke

Here are the best-known components of tobacco smoke in alphabetical order.

Acrolein is a component of tear gas, used for dispersal of demonstrations. It refers to the first class of chemical risks, that is, an extremely toxic substance.

Ammonia is a member of the most famous tools for cleaning plumbing. It is one of the provocators of developing asthma.

Acetaldehyde is what the alcohol in the body turns in, leading to its toxicity. It was previously used for the production of adhesives and resins for the woodworking industry. Now acetaldehyde is not used, as it turned out that it is a carcinogen.

Acetone is a strong solvent. It is well known to many women as a component of nail polish remover. It can irritate the eyes and nasal pharynx. It damages the liver and kidneys at prolonged exposure.

Benzene is an organic solvent, which can cause several types of cancers, including leukemia.

Benzpyrene is another representative of substances of the first class of danger. It is powerful carcinogen that accumulates in the body and provokes the development of lung cancer and skin. In addition, it is able to make a human infertile.

Cadmium is a poison that can accumulate in the body. It affects the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Chronic poisoning by it leads to anemia and bone destruction.

Crotonaldehyde is a toxic substance on the list of particularly dangerous substances. It disrupts the immune system and can cause changes in DNA.

Nicotine does not have carcinogenic effect. But it is quick and highly addictive. It affects the nervous system very quickly – within 15 seconds after inhaling it gets into the brain.

Pyridine is used in the manufacture of insecticides. It irritates the mucous membranes, cause headaches and nausea.

Lead is used in the manufacture of batteries, paint and metal alloys. It is very toxic substance that can accumulate in the bones and cause their destruction. It is particularly harmful for children.

Cyanhydric acid is still used for executions in the United States. It is just toxic as cyanide, which is made of it.

Tar is a chemical substance that causes the development of cancerous tumors. If to release tobacco smoke from the mouth through a clean handkerchief, it will remain weak dark stain. It’s worth noting that while 70 percent of the tar has settled in the lungs.

Styrene is used in the manufacture of plastics. It leads to a headache and is considered a cause of leukemia.

Carbon monoxide is a poison that can bind with hemoglobin in the blood and prevent the delivery of oxygen to body cells. It can be obtained at lethal doses in case of fire, malfunction of heating devices, or from the exhaust gas of cars.

In cigarette dose, this substance acts oppressively on muscular and cardiovascular system. It causes fatigue, drowsiness, weakness and dizziness. It is particularly toxic carbon monoxide for children during fetal development.

Phenol is a toxic substance that causes disruption of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is used to produce plywood and other building materials.

Formaldehyde is a toxic and carcinogenic substance. Its aqueous solution is used for preservation of cadavers and anatomical specimens, as well as for tanning leather. It is a strong carcinogen.

Chromium is used as a protective layer for metal and some alloys. It is powerful carcinogen that causes lung cancer.

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