Warnings on Every Cigarette Encourage More Smokers to Quit

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A research showed that health warnings on every cigarette would encourage more people to quit smoking.

The talk is about timelines that demonstrate smokers that every cigarette shortens their life by 11 minutes and a list of toxic substances found in cigarettes that affect health negatively.The results of the study were published in Tobacco Control Journal.

Researchers from Bangor University intend to continue work over this subject and want to encourage Government to take its results into consideration.  It should be noted that in November, ministers agreed to introduce plain cigarettes packs in order to make smoking less attractive for youth.

The Government  told about a review of the policy which could make tobacco companies use plain packaging by 2015.

In a study by Bangor University’s Business School there was found that people were 16% more likely to quit smoking if they used cigarettes with health warnings.

In the study participated 200 smokers from Greece and Scotland and there were given different regular cigarettes with warnings and without them. One cigarette variety had a timeline of 11 minutes printed on each cigarette to demonstrate how much each puff shortens smoker’s life. Another variety had a list of most toxic substances that it contains.

In 2012 Australia first introduced plain packaging for cigarettes and today all cigarettes brands are sold in olive-coloured packs with health warnings.  A study found that this measure is extremely effective and such warnings do encourage more smokers to quit.

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