UK Preparing for Stoptober 2015

Stoptober 2015

Smokers in the UK are invited to join national Stoptober campaign aimed to help them quit the habit. The campaign is organized each year in October.

Data demonstrates that 20.3% of adult people across Yorkshire and The Humber are smokers. Thus Public Health England is encouraging them to participate in Stoptober, the quit smoking campaign lasting for 28 days in October. During the campaign smokers will get encouragement and support from UK famous people, and among them well-known comedian Rhod Gilbert.

According to Corinne Harvey from PHE in Yorkshire and The Humber, nearly 20 thousand people in Yorkshire and The Humber signed up for Stoptober in 2014 and this year these numbers are expected to be much higher.

It is difficult o quit smoking but participating in Stoptober may ease the process, because smoker receives great support from a big number of people and gets access to a number of free cessation tools during all 28 days of the campaign.

Health care providers say that quitting smoking is best thing a smoker can do for personal health and health of his family members and friends. Smoker would feel benefits of quitting immediately he refuses from tobacco. Experts say that chances to stop the habit successfully increase if a smoker does not use tobacco for at least 28 days.

Stoptober starts on October 1 and now in the UK is held an awarness campaign about it.

In the UK highest rates are reported in Leeds where 21.6% smoke, and in 2014 more than three thousand people signed up to the campaign. The lowest smoking rates are reported in the East Riding where only 14.2% smoke, and among them one thousand participated in Stoptober last year.

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