Twilight star Robert Pattinson is a Chain Smoker

Probably it is well know that Robert Pattinson has a real smoking habit. Sometimes on the set, he is even a heavy smoker.

Guri Weinberg, who enacts Stefan in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” reveals a merry story about the “Twilight” vampire.

Making any film always implies a lot of down time. Robert’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart is a chain smoker too, Guri also lights up but unlike others he currently is trying to quit this habit.

“I stopped smoking so many times in my life that sometimes it seems that I am in a continuous process of quitting. For anyone thinking constantly about smoking – just slap yourself for me. And you will miss it, I mean the social aspects.”

Robert Pattinson is a Heavy Smoker

Robert Pattinson is a Heavy Smoker

So, here is the Guri’s story about sharing cigarette breaks with Robert.

“On Breaking Dawn, I would as usual find Robert Pattinson smoking when I go outside to make at least a few puffs. We would generally chat on various subjects, and as usual after ending his cigarettes, he would ask for one of mine. Thus he would light up another cig and we’d continue talking. I think we would smoke for hours if there was a long break.

“I do not like to say that is how we made the acquaintance, but in fact that is how we got to know each other.

“As shooting proceed, I was lighting up a lot of cigarettes per day. I felt tired, sick and so on. So, with the help of my wife, who made many attempts before quitting, I really stopped smoking.

“Robert looks at me and says, ‘Have you heard, that if you stop smoking before you are 30 you are in the clear, health-wise.’

“Since I am already not 30, quitting smoking doesn’t seem too good. ‘Hey, Robert. I am over 30. ‘I know,’ he says.

“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? Please, Go f… yourself.’

“He is laughing out load. He wants to say something, but the never ending laugh impedes him to talk. Pretending that I am indignant at him, I get up to go to my room.

“Listen, man. I have to go. Currently Costco has a sale on caskets and probably it is a case of several minutes AT MY AGE.’

“Now, he is laughing too hard. But, I am still believing… man…I have been smoking for too long,” he says.
Ever since I blogged this story about Rob, my website traffic has increased.

Fans have liked it. I often see fans on Twitter telling one another to “GFYS”, and of course I get some several “GFYS” on a daily basis.

Robert’s popularity is something mysterious.

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