Tobacco Manufacturers Added Substances for Weight Loss to Cigarettes

Swiss scientists have finally managed to prove that some American and British tobacco companies add chemicals to cigarettes, contributing to weight loss.

Some evidence appeared in the U.S. and UK regarding to the fact that major tobacco manufacturers added potent chemicals to cigarettes that suppress appetite in order to attract the largest possible number of people to their products. This follows from the industry’s internal documents, including data from 1949 to 1999.

cigarettes cause weight loss

cigarettes cause weight loss

During the trial in the United States of America, documents, showing that the largest manufacturers of cigarettes were adding substances to tobacco products which suppress appetite, were released to public. This fact explains why smoking people lose weight and gain weight when quit smoking.

For the time being, the investigation was conducted only on the two foreign firm giants. Moreover, during the trial it became known that four major companies at one time have been investigating the potential impact on smokers of chemicals such as amphetamines and nitrous oxide. At the moment, the production of four more tobacco manufacturers is under investigation. The names of these four companies are not disclosed.

So, according to the research, it was found that some cigarettes contain amphetamines and nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas). However, it still remains unknown whether these additives were added in sold cigarettes.

All past 50 years the world’s major cigarette manufacturers were trying to engage young people and adolescents to smoke. The particular strategy was invented for each of the groups. For the girls, who are often concerned about their appearance, tobacco companies created cigarettes with the words “thin” or “fashion” which creates the image of glamorous and graceful girl by packaging design and elegance.

Results of the study are published in European Journal of Public Health by Swiss scientists.

Tobacco companies have tried to expand the number of consumers of their tobacco products by all the ways.

Such tricks were used at least by two companies-giants – Philip Morris and British American Tobacco. This information was reported by the Belfast Telegraph. In the Western media it is highlighted that chemical additives are only one of several strategies which have been successfully used by the tobacco companies over the past 50 years to convince people with information that smoking makes them slimmer.

Now it becomes clear why people, who once have quitted smoking, gain weight. Taking into account the emerging evidence, scientists urge government to tighten rules on tobacco additives and as well to force tobacco companies to disclose all documents relating to their used marketing mixes, including the design and packaging of tobacco products. Scientists believe that consumers need to know which marketing mixes are used to attract new customers.

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