Tobacco Industry Coming with Attractive Cigarette Packages

Black Cigarette Pack

While governments of several countries are thinking of imposing bans on attractive cigarette packages to reduce the mortality rates associated with smoking, tobacco companies are out with much more attractive packages to entice young people.

It has been discovered that the companies are going to bring out the new packages soon, which would be similar to perfume bottle or will be assisted with lids that will flip open like a lighter.

Black Cigarette Pack

Black&white cigarette pack

Although, it has been discovered from the past reports that the companies’ strategies to lure young people has reduced significantly since the past few years. It is being expected that the new cigarette packages will be far more attractive than the previous ones and will attract more of the new generation people to smoking.

Latest reports put forth by the Department of Health, Cancer Research UK stated that the tactics that the tobacco industry has deployed for the marketing of the products are much more discouraging.

The findings of the report suggest that due to the attractive packages, as young as six year old children fall into the habit of smoking. The Director of tobacco control for the charity, Jean King asserted that the children in the age group ranging between six and 11 are easily attracted towards the luring packages.

He emphasized that the children without acknowledging the side-effects of the product in the due course of life, just fall into the habit.

He affirmed that the industry has changed the designs rapidly, after the ban of print and billboard advertising of tobacco 10 years ago. Since then, they have set out different packages which attract different age groups and sex, like they introduced the long, slender cigarettes contained in pastel colored packs, indicating femininity, style and sophistication, which besieged young women.

Rather, an official of the industry exaggerated that when they have no other strategy to promote smoking; they choose to introduce attractive packages for marketing.

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