Tobacco Industry Continues to Flourish its Business

The war against smoking will never end because tobacco companies continue to manufacture new products for to attract more tobacco users.

tobacco plantation

The tobacco industry spent a lot of money because of anti-smoking legislations. For example billion-dollars were spent on lawsuits, advertising bans, warning labels, and many others.

This is the main cause why tobacco industries continue to invent more creative smokeless tobacco products which are new ways to addict much more users.

The tobacco industries recently began a new campaign for to tempting new clients, many of them young smokers and of course to keep those who became tobacco addicted.

However, Tobacco Company is still one of the most powerful industries in the world. For example it spends $12.8 billion yearly for to market its tobacco products and approximately $200 million was spent only in Minnesota.

Unfortunately the results of the Tobacco Industry new method of increasing their income has deadly consequences: 634,000 Minnesotans still continue to smoke and the state wastes 5,500 lives and $2 billion in health care costs yearly because of tobacco-related diseases.

So, smoking still remains a difficult habit to kick. Statistics show that in Minnesota, 17 percent of the whole population still continues to smoke. But the statistics for young smokers are very troubling: 28.4 percent of those smokers between the ages of 18 to 24 are tobacco users and smokeless tobacco-use rates among youth are also very high because approximately 85,000 middle and high school students in the state use them.

The tobacco industry new products which are designed especially for young smokers are: little cigars, snus, sticks, orbs and strips.

That’s why it is needed for a new legislation which will not allow them to be sold on the shops near candy and gum, which will prohibit even the sale of e-cigarettes to all minors and adolescents. Moreover, the new law should invent a new way to gather taxes and fees on all smoking products, which would raise of course the state economy and would reduce the smokers’ rate, concluded anti-smoking researchers from Minnesota.
So, only the new legislation is a commonsense solution to a prevent health problem that continues to drive up healthcare costs and take incalculable lives every day.

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