Tobacco-Free legislation at University of Maine

A lot of Universities banned smoking on their territories. For example the University of Maine decided also to accept tobacco-free campuses for to protect the health of a vast majority of people- nonsmokers who wish to avoid secondhand smoke and smokers who really want to kick the smoking habit and need help.

Maine’s university decided to join to the many other states and cities that have taken the brave step of banning smoking in public spaces. After three years of conversation about this anti-smoking legislation, it will start this perspective program in Jan. 1, 2012, an obligatory ban throughout all the campuses.

This is smoke-free area notice

Attempt to decrease smoking is not so easy, because for many, smoking used to be a cool and sociable habit. So, many individuals found that lighting up was an easy begins in socializing. And in this way this bad habit quickly becomes an addiction.

Tobacco dangers have long been known by almost all people but for long time were ignored. For example, King James, in 1604, called smoking as a habit unpleasant to the eye, obnoxious to the nose, bad to the brain, harmful to the lungs. However, people continue to puff their cigarettes and absurdly laughed and called it coffin nails.

Cigarette smoking became so addictive that a great St. Louis surgeon, Dr. Evarts A. Graham, decided to investigate it. So, he demonstrated on laboratory using white mice that cigarette tar, cause cancer, and at the end the smoker ca die of lung cancer.

As said Mark Twain, “It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” This is true, smokers can easy to quit they only need for more desire to do this. Quitting also can be extremely hard.

The University of Maine declared that the use of tobacco in any form, active and passive, is a serious health risk for the smoker and for those exposed to second-hand smoke. The goal of this policy is to realize the following:

• Reduce exposure to second-hand smoke
• Reduce the risk of accidental fire
• Reduce environmental impacts of cigarette litter
• Prepare the student body to work in smoke-free environments upon graduation.

Anti-tobacco researchers concluded that the implementation of this tobacco use policy is a larger favorable to improve the health and wellness of the students.

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  1. Clay Mischel says:

    I smoked for forever and giving them up was very hard. I bought all of the stopping tricks but nothing worked for me. Then I saw the e cigarette. The e-cigarette uses a nicotine juice that holds nothing but nicotine. No cancerous substances at all. They have literally improved my life.

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