Tobacco-Free Campus in UK

After almost a year of putting the background for to enforce its new policy, UK will formally become a tobacco-free campus on November 19, the day of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke out.
That means that not only will smoking be banned inside UK’s buildings, but it won’t be permitted on university sidewalks, roads, grassy areas, benches or picnic areas where students often light up when have breaks.

Smoke-free campus

Ellen Hahn, professor of nursing and director of UK’s Tobacco Policy Research Center, said: “UK is really committed to this. We’re in the business of serving young people and creating a healthy place for them.”
The university announced about the new anti-smoking legislation on December. And while it hasn’t captivated much public refusal, some tobacco users are trying to calculate where they’ll take their smoke breaks as the ban approaches.

For some students, that means risking a warning by continuing to carefully smoke on campus.
Jason Zhou, a senior who lives on campus and complained the possibility of walking 10 minutes in cold weather only to smoke, said: “I’m probably going to still light up. It’s just absurd.”

Zhou added that he wished UK would have permitted at least one designated smoking area.
Scientists explained that the main goal of the UK ban on all tobacco, cigarettes and smokeless products, is to ameliorate the health of all students, staff and faculty by cutting down on second-hand smoke and encouraging smokers to quit.

The head of the UK Universities decided to ban smoking in their campuses only because too many students started to smoke tobacco products. For example about 19 percent of UK students smoke and 30 percent said they were tobacco users, according to a recent research.

UK has taken a wide survey this fall and will take another one in the spring semester to trail the effects of the ban, Hahn said.

Ms. Hahn said: “We see very little push back. Yes, there is a little, and people are talking about it and asking good questions. But by and large, people say good things.”

The new policy will be reinforced in three ways:

  • Education and more than 100 signs;
  • Encouragement for tobacco users to seek treatment, such as reducing the price of nicotine patches at campus stores;
  • Educating UK employees and students to oblige the policy by telling smokers to put out their cigarettes.

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  1. Donna says:

    Smoke-free campuses is a favorable legislations. this is just my opinion 😉

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