Tobacco Companies Told British Government It Was Too Early To Tell If Plain Cigarette Packs Would Work

plain cigarettes packaging

A leading tobacco company in the UK told the Government that it hurried up with conclusion that selling cigarettes in plain packages would keep people from smoking. Several months before ministers used the same argument.

There were held a meeting on which participated authorities from Department of Health and representatives of Philip Morris International, the well-known tobacco company famous with its Marlboro cigarettes brand. Thus Philip Morris representatives said there is no enough evidence that such a policy is successful in other countries, for example, in Australia.

British Government delays the decision of introduction of  plain cigarette packets in England which puts into a rage health campaigners. The Government explains that in order to make right conclusions about experience of plain packages in Australia more time is needed. However, Labour said its initiative met with opposition from the Tory election adviser, Lynton Crosby, whose lobbying firm is employed by Philip Morris.

One more meeting between company executives and civil servants took place last week

Minutes of a meeting between company representatives and authorities were released yesterday by the Department of Health. Philip Morris International said that there is little evidence from Australia about the effect of plain packaging due to the short period of time since it was introduced.

On BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, presenter Eddie Mair asked Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, his opinion about Philip Morris arguments. Mr Hunt replied it was “correct” that he did not disagree with the assessment.

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