Physicians Lost Tobacco Companies

The federal court in St. Louis, United States, rejected the claim of 37 hospitals in Missouri to U.S. tobacco companies, reports the BBC. Physicians wanted to seize $ 455 million, spent on treatment of uninsured cancer patients.

American hospitals are often treated uninsured patients free of charge in the case if they can not pay for themselves. According to physicians, medical ethics does not allow them to refuse to help those unfortunate people. At the same time physicians accuse manufacturers of tobacco products that those people often suffer from various forms of cancer.

Philip Morris tobacco company

Philip Morris tobacco company

But American Themis did not take the side of doctors. “The Court agreed with Philip Morris USA that manufactured cigarettes meet the standards and contain no defects”, said Murray Garnick, a representative of Philip Morris. The tobacco company Lorillard, also being the defendant in this case, said to the journalists that hospitals were not able to conclusively prove the fact of causing them financial harm.

Despite the local legal success of tobacco workers, it is impossible to deny the fact that smoking kills hundreds thousands of people on both sides of the Atlantic. As it was reported, 17% of Russians are dying because of diseases caused by tobacco products – such statistics was reported by Tatiana Golikova, the head of Health Ministry of Russia, at a meeting with the head of the secretariat of the World Health Organization (WHO) on tobacco control, last September.

According to forecasts, one billion people will die from smoking in the XXI century. It is not surprisingly that the fight against smoking undertakes measures around the world. The ban on smoking in public places was introduced already in many countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, UAE and others. It is created the anti-advertising not only for active smoking, but also for passive. Thanks to these measures the number of heart attacks has dropped to third in Europe and North America.

China confidently follows Western countries: it was not only severely restricted smoking in public places, but also introduced a ban on showing such scenes in films and television in the past few months in China.

In 2008, Nigeria has opened legal action against Philip Morris and other major tobacco companies in the U.S. and the UK. The Nigerian Government has filed a lawsuit on U.S. $ 40 billion against them. By such a sum Abuja assesses damage to the health of Nigerian children who were smoking cigarettes of production of Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and International Tobacco Limited.

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