Teen Users Start Smoking with Flavoured Tobacco

Teen Smoker

A newest survey reveals that teenage smokers younger than the legal smoking age.  are attracted by flavoured tobacco products. These include especially cigarettes with menthol flavour and hookah with sweet fruit flavours.

The author of the study is Bridget K. Ambrose of the Center for Tobacco Products at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Silver Spring, Maryland. She told that the study reflects the nationwide trend of young people to have a particular interest in use of flavoured tobacco products.

Researchers say that most smokers start to use tobacco in their teenage and then become heavy smokers in their adult age. The study showed that though across the USA generally smoking rates are being reduced, at the same time e-cigarettes and hookah use are growing.

For their study there were analyzed data of 46,000 adults and young people between 12-17, who answered questions about use of e-cigarettes, regular cigarettes, hookah, pipes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and other tobacco products. There were also questions about tastes they used in their products.

In the survey totally participated 13,651 teenagers and among them 2,900 told they used a tobacco product (in most cases, e-cigarettes) in past month, and 1,152 used tobacco products. Among them 80% used a flavoured tobacco product, and in 60% of cases it was cigarettes.

90% of teen hookah users, 81% e-cigarettes users, 65% cigar users, 50% regular cigarettes users told that the first product they used was flavored.  Young people confessed that namely sweet flavour made them use tobacco products.

A particular interest for young people do represent flavoured little cigars which are affordable due to their low price.

The FDA told they will continue to monitor the situation with teens interest for flavoured tobacco.

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