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Rihanna slammed for smoking in video

It is just the latest in a series of objections to the video which depicts the singer and a boyfriend fighting in a drug-fuelled haze.

At the time of filming, a farmer spoke out against Rihanna’s nudity on set, but on Tuesday local charity Ulster Cancer Foundation criticised her deadly habit.

Smoking Rihanna

Rihanna smoking in her latest music video We Found Love

The Barbados-born singer smokes openly in the video, which was filmed on locations across Northern Ireland including Co Down and Belfast’s New Lodge.

Thousands flocked to catch a glimpse of Rihanna as she was captured on film for the song, which was a collaboration with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, in the days before she kicked off her latest tour at the Odyssey arena.

The Ulster Cancer Foundation says it is concerned that the singer’s smoking habits could influence young people in Northern Ireland.

“After so much hype around the filming of the video it was very disappointing to see Rihanna so blatantly smoking throughout it,” said UCF Cancer Prevention Officer, Doreen Regan.

“Artists such as Rihanna are held in high esteem and regarded as role models by millions of young people. We are very concerned that young people watching the video will see smoking as glamorous and want to copy her behaviour,” she added.

Research by the UCF has revealed that almost one third of 14 to 16-year-olds have tried smoking, and smoking in television, films and music videos is a key trigger for teens starting to smoke

“Young people who experiment with tobacco can become quickly addicted. The earlier a young person begins to smoke the worse the impact on their health including wheeziness and shortness of breath compared to those who do not smoke, and impaired lung growth and function which may lead to lung cancer in later life.

“Three-quarters of adult smokers start the habit as teenagers, which is why it is so irresponsible of Rihanna to influence her young fan base in this way,” added Ms Regan.

Last week the Rape Crisis Centre said the video was a “disgrace” and “sends the message that [Rihanna] is an object to be possessed by men, which is disturbingly what we see in real violence cases”.

Tougher anti-tobacco rules for TV, films

Henceforth, every time an actor is seen taking a puff on screen, a prominent scroll warning that smoking is injurious to health will run at the bottom. What’s more, the actor will personally read out the ill-effects of smoking, say the new health ministry rules to be effective from Monday.

According to the rules, all filmmakers depicting usage of tobacco will have to show a message or spot of minimum 30 seconds at the beginning and middle of the concerned film or TV programme.

Smoking Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp smoking in The Tourist movie

For films or programmes being made after Monday, a strong editorial justification for display of tobacco products or their use shall be given to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) along with a UA certification.

A representative from health ministry will also be present in the CBFC.

It will also need a disclaimer of minimum 20 seconds duration by the concerned actor regarding the ill effects of the use of such products in the beginning and middle of the film or television programme.

Also, the names of brands of cigarettes and other tobacco products will also have to be cropped or blurred.

“India has the largest film producing industry and films have played a key role in the process of social change and in influencing the Indian culture. Thus, for the tobacco industry, films provide an opportunity to convert a deadly product into a status symbol or token of independence,” a statement from the ministry said Friday.

“The role of movies as vehicles for promoting tobacco use has become even more important as other forms of tobacco promotion are constrained,” it said.

According to a combined study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the health ministry, tobacco usage was shown in nearly 89 percent movies in 2005 compared to 76 percent in 2003.

Nearly 75 percent of the movies showed the lead character smoking in 2005 and 41 percent showed the brand.

Smoking Kik-kwang: Good or bad?

Yesterday, two photos of a man looking exactly like BEAST’s Lee Ki-kwang with a cigarette, surfaced on local online community boards, stirring controversy over the validity of it, according to a report by soompi website.

After seeing these photos titled “Lee Ki-kwang Smoking,” netizens have questioned whether the person in the photos is indeed Lee Ki-kwang or not.

Lee Ki-kwang smoking a cigarette

Lee Ki-kwang smoking a cigarette

Some commented about Lee’s smoking while others said, “He is past the legal age to smoke. What is wrong with smoking?”

An official from BEAST’s agency addressed the issue stating, “We’re not sure if that’s Lee Ki-kwang. But even it is him, there’s nothing wrong with it since he’s past the legal age.”

The statement was received with lots of scrutiny. Although some believed that there is nothing wrong with a celebrity smoking, many believed that as an idol member, it doesn’t set a good example for their young followers.