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Bellingham Bans Smoking in City Parks

Smoke-Free Park

New smoking ban in Bellingham to be adopted and smokers will no longer be allowed to use their tobacco or electronic cigarettes in any city park. The ban includes also cigars. The Council took the decision on November 9 with six votes for and one against. However, it needs a final voting before the rule comes into action.

The council who opposed the ban is Terry Bornemann, who said he supports smoking ban in kids playgrounds but disagrees with idea to impose a 100% smoking ban in parks. Here he talks about personal freedoms and rights.

It should be said that the ban does not include alleys, sidewalks and streets located 25 feet of doors of public places or businesses which are already covered by the state law.  Smoking is not allowed inside city buildings.

The author of the ban is Councilman Jack Weiss and he explained that the ban is important to improve people’s health by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. He referred to the U.S. Surgeon General’s report. However, he considers that the enforcement may be difficult.

There exists a list of activities that are not permitted to be done in parks (for example, selling things), but up to date none of them were connected to protection of resident’s health.

Bellingham Police Chief Cliff Cook told that the ban enforcement would have a low priority for his department, because they do not have enough personnel for that. Thus the smoking ban will rely on people’s liability.

The will be installed no-smoking signs at the entrances in city parks.

Smoking Ban Rises Debates in New Orleans

Girl Smoking in Park

In New Orleans there was drafted a smoking ban which raised hot debates. According to proposal, smoking should be prohibited in Storyland and City Putt. However, park commissioners have different opinions on that — some want a 100% ban, and some do not want a ban at all.

The proposal came from Susan Hess, the board president, and Chief Executive Officer Bob Becker, who said that smoking should be restricted for several kinds of tobacco products. There should be banned use of regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes in City Putt and Storyland, recreational public places where normally come families with kids. Experts say that smoking ban in particular areas of parks will make smokers look for other places to light up. However, responsable bodies may impose a total smoking ban in those places.

Many commissioners want a tougher smoking ban but Commissioner Edgar Chase was fiercely critical about several points. He considers that common concept of smoking regulations may be unfair and outside the board’s attribution. In her turn, Hess does not appreciate a sneaky and rapid way of drafting the smoking ban. Here she mentioned comissioners Will Tregre, Andrea LeGrand, Karen Frenandez.

The comissioners studied practicies of smoking bans in parks of several large US cities and made several important discoveries. For example, they found that some parks are 100% smoke-free while other allow smoking. Some parks provide a wide range of possibilities for sport and recreation but do not prohibit tobacco use.

For example, Storyland is popular place and if a smoker lights up somewhere there then his smoke will be inhaled by other people, inluding children.

One commissioner said that Storyland has no enforcement capacity to implement a park-wide ban. Commissioner Errol Laborde opposed the ban saying it would never do to adopt a smoking ban here.

Hartford City Passed a Smoking Ban

Smoking Young Man

City Council in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 11 with the majority of votes (19-2) passed an ordinance prohibiting smoking in city’s parks and recreational areas.

However, this may be not last word on the subject, because there do exist questions on the ordinance enforcement.

Resident Ed Burdick considers that the ordinance is poorly drafted, because it does not include e-cigarettes that are extremely popular among youth. Also smoking marijuana in parks may have a particular impact on the new ordinance enforcement.

Burdick said that it would be a good idea to organize a meeting with residents to inform them about the initiative and hear their opinions on that.

The new anti-smoking ordinance in Hartford prohibits use of all forms of tobacco in city’s parks and recreational areas. The talk is about the Little League complex, Veterans’ Memorial Park, and Camputaro Athletic Field on Sheldon Road. Those violating the ordinance will have to pay a $50 fine.

The smoking ban was proposed by Griswold Recreation Director Ryan Aubin. He explained that it is important to create a smoke-free environment for kids. Secondhand smoke is expecially bad for children. Smoking ban will help to create a healthy social norm for everyone.
Carol Morrow,  recreation commission member, told that in all parks there will be created smoking ares where smokers could light up.

Resident Phil Flowers noted that the ordinance say nothing about these areas, and he is against them.  In its turn Aubin explained that smoking areas will be created only during big city events and not every day.

There was proposed to include school grounds in the ordinance in order to protect children from secondhand smoke. Selectman Steve Mikutel told that the board will implement the existing smoking ban without modifications. It comes into effect on September 10 and there is going to be installed no-smoking signs.

Smoking Ban in Parks Passed in Salem


On June 8, there was organized public meeting in Salem City Council to discuss subjects regarding smoking in parks. It was decided that there is a need to create a special comission on trees.

Most Salem residents on the meeting showed their support for the creation of an urban tree commission.  Resident Brian Hines was representing Salem Community Vision and he accused Public Works Director Peter Fernandez that he made hole-and-corner deals with businesses interested in tree removals. Mayor Peterson did not agree with that and told that Hines has no right to accuse Mr. Fernandez.

Debates on the importance of urban tree commission lasted long and after 40 minutes of debates the City Council voted to delay the decision on the tree comission and to organize one more public meeting on the subject.

Also the City Council discussed the problem of parking for individuals with disabilities. People concern that those parking lots are often occupied with cars of state employees and they just do not what to do.

Salem City Council wants to prohibit smoking on all city-owned property such as  trails and city parks. Vern Miller Civic Center to prohibit smoking in city parks.

On the public meeting the subject of smoking ban in parks also stirred up hot discussions.

Councilman Daniel Benjamin  siad he opposes the ban. He explains that the measure will not reduce smoking rates, it will just make people move outside park to light up.

In his turn  Councilman Jim Lewis  told he likes more the initial version of the ban because the changes make the ban too weak.

Despite the opposition, the smoking ban was passed and in Salem parks smoking will not be allowed.

France Approved Smoking Ban on Playgrounds


France began a serious fight with tobacco use in the country. This summer comes into effect new anti-smoking measure which bans use of cigarettes and tobacco products in playgrounds.

France is in top of countires in the EU with high smoking rates and the government introduces measures to reduce those rates in the entire country.

First anti-smoking initiative that was approved is the legislation which imposes tobacco companies to pack cigarettes in plain boxes. Now is the time for other measures. As health minister Marisol Touraine said, smoking ban in playgrounds comes into action in July.

At the end of June there will be published a decree and from this time the ban comes into effect immediately. It is a perfect time for the ban as in summer playgounds are full of kids. Louraine says that this measure comes as a perfect way to protect children from secondhand smoke effects.

In three playgrounds in Paris smoking was already banned for a trial period in order to see the reaction of people and see how it works. The government also plans to launch an anti-smoking campaign to urge smokers quit this summer. There is a quit line available for those wanting to give it up: 39 89.

In the future more anti-smoking measures will be adopted. Thus they talk about smoking ban in cars where kids are present and including e-cigarettes in all bans. The public generally supports he anti-smoking measures.

A study by Eurobarometer reveals that smoking rate in the EU dropped from 28% to 26%, but in France it increased from 28% to 32%.

Eugene City Council to Discuss Smoking Ban in Downtown


Smoking in Oregon is already banned inside buildings, and smokers are forced out to light up outside.

However, the city of Eugene wants to ban smoking on downtown sidewalks.

The Eugene City Council  is going to discuss this week the idea of smoking ban on downtown sidewalks and a number of outdoor public spaces such as Broadway Plaza and the Park Blocks.

In the city the local ordinance prohibits use of cigarettes at workplaces and behind entrances of buildings throughout Eugene, including downtown.

City spokeswoman Laura Hammond told that this week on Wednesday the City Council will discuss for the first time the idea of expanding the existing smoking ban to downtown outdoor zones.

On the Wednesday meeting the City Council will weigh all pros and cons regarding smoking ban in the downtown. They want to take into consideration all opinions in order to make downtown a comfortable place for every visitor. However, at the moment they do not intend to adopt a new smoke-free ordinance. They just want to see arguments in favor and against the idea.

The proposal to conduct this meeting came from Councilor Greg Evans who says that wants to see Eugene City totally free of smoke. He wants fresh air for all kids and grandkids.

He explained that his disire to make the city smoke-free comes from personal factors and especially the desire to make the community a healthier place. He confessed that suffers from asthma and is allergic to tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke is dangerous and there is a need to protect people from its effects, especially in conditions when people often complain that are exposed to it in public spaces.

Seattle Commissioners to Ban Smoking in Parks

Seattle Park

Park commissioners in Seattle, Washington state, want to prohibit use of cigarettes in all city parks. In case the law would be adopted, smoking is going to be banned in all public zones under the city’s parks’ jurisdiction. However, the law would not make part of the Seattle Municipal Code.

On April 16 there would be organized public hearing in order to give the possibility to speak to all interested parties.

Superintendent Christopher Williams told that they adressed the smoke-free proposal to the Board of Park Commissioners because tobacco use has nothing to do with healthy people and healthy environments. People coming to a park want to relax and enjoy beauty of nature. They want to inhale fresh and clean air, free of tobacco smoke.

If the city passes the smoke-free ordinance, people violating it would receive a warning. In case of repeated violations, they would be banned from visiting the park.

The new smoke-free initiative expands the existing smoking ban adopted back in 2010. The existing law prohibits use of tobacco within 25 feet of other park visitors on playgrounds, beaches.

After public hearing, the Park Board will discuss the issue on May 14, and after that will make a recommendation to the superintendent. The superintendent will have to analyze the recommendation and say his final decision till the end of May.

Another reason which influenced anti-smoker activists to promote the law is the big number of butts on the ground in parks.

According to Matt DeGooyer, executive director of the American Lung Association in Washington, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke and they welcome the new smoke-free initiative in Seattle.

Experts believe that such anti-smoking actions would help to de-normalize smoking in the society. At the same time this will help to create healthy environments for non-smokers, kids and elderly people. Ecologists are especially worried with litter in parks saying that the biggest part of it is butts from cigarettes. For example, during  the 2013 International Coastal Cleanup number one item found on beaches in Washington state was butts.

The list of Washington major cities banning smoking in parks includes Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago.

Smoking Ban in Rock Hill Parks Failed

Smoker in Park

Smokers in Rock Hill city, South Carolina, are delighted that smoking will be allowed in city parks, because City Council rejected proposed smoking ban on Monday.

Totally there are 21 parks and recreation zones in Rock Hill city and the Council was discussing better ways to regulate tobacco use in public places of the city. When came time for voting, 3 council members supported smoking ban in parks while other 3 opposed. As a result, the final decision was not taken and the proposal was sent to further considerations.

The final approval needs the support of majority of City Council, therefore things remain the same and smokers may still light up inRock Hill parks.

Jim Reno, Kathy Pender,  Mayor Doug Echols are those who showed their support for the ban and they welcomed the staff proposals regaring the outdoors ban including the ideas of creating designated areas for smoking. Echols told that they want to make the city smoke-free for everyone and smoking should not be allowed in parks.

Kevin Sutton, John Black, Ann Williamson opposed the ban and voted against it, saying that this measure is too restrictive. Sutton dislikes tobacco smoke, but says that there is enough space in parks for both smokers and non-smokers. The ban goes to extrimes when imposes that policemen should partol trails, she added. The idea to ban smoking on Novant Health BMX Supercross Track and Giordana Velodrome seems a non-sense as smokers would have to walk a mile to light up.

The proposal to prohibit smoking in parks comes from parks and recreation commission. Bev Carroll, the representative of the comission, says that the ban is needed to prevent fires in wooded areas, protect kids from secondhand smoke and reduce litter in parks. Such a bans already are adopted in cities of  Clover and  Charlotte.

According to  Echols, the proposal may be put on agenda in the nearest future in case Council members ask him for that.

Fort Collins to Vote in February New Smoking Ban


In 2014 the state of Colorado became famous in the USA due to legalization of recreational Marijuana use. However, not all smokers will be happy soon.

As Coloradoan writes, the city of Fort Collins is going to vote on an ordinance that could expand the existing smoking ban and it will include a number of different public venues.

In fact, smoking ban laws are not a novelty in the USA. They are becoming very popular in different parts across the country and the trend is still growing. In past smoking was not appreciated by kings and churches and users of tobacco were punished in different ways.

It should be said that namely in a city of Colorado was introduced for the first time a law banning smoking in bars and restaurants. The city of Aspen is regulating tobacco use but did not introduce a total smoking ban and businesses are permitted to have a smoking section.

However, data shows that by 2014 a great number of businesses prohibited smoking in their establishments. Many of them did it on voluntary basis.

Amid the widespread call for Marijuana legalization, the use of tobacco is being reduced. Tobacco becomes unacceptable by the society. Nowadays people do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke anymore, and even young people support the anti-smoking trend. Over the past years hundreds of American colleges and Universities banned smoking on their campus.

The proposed smoking ban in Fort Collins prohibits use of tobacco in bars, restaurants, motels, hotels and indoor businesses. The final vote will take place on February 5 and up to this date everyone is free to express his opinion on the proposal in a survey found on city’s official website.

In 2014 Fort Collins took an important decision to regulate e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes.

Cleburne Mayor Asks on Facebook About Smoking Ban


Scott Cain, the Mayor of Cleburne city in Texas, uses Facebook in order to find out  city residents’ opinions on the prohibiting smoking in public places.

There is no anti-smoking ordinance in action in Cleburne, and the Mayor came with a proposal to consider one. Thus he addressed city residents the next question on his page on Facebook: “Should Cleburne ban smoking in all public places? What do you think?”

In short time he received hundreds of answers, and most of which were simple “Yes!”. However, there were users who disliked the proposal. Jeff Dugger wrote: “Smoking is disgusting but not nearly so as an overreaching government.”

Cain says that smoking ban is a serious issue and it is absolutely normal thing that some disagree with it. Here the talk is about human rights, and it is very important to take into consideration all opinions. On one side are people who do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke and on the other side are smokers who have the right to use cigarettes.

According to Cain, they do not try to limit rights of smokers in Cleburne city, they just want to balance the rights of all of their citizens.

On January 13 there will take place Council meeting during which councilmen are going to discuss the smoking ban proposal. Residents are welcome to express their opinions on the meetings and on Facebook.

Cain told he examined similar ordinances in Texas and wants to apply to the  Cleburne city the example of North Richland Hills which banned smoking in most public buildings such as stores, restaurants and offices, but allows smoking in bars, outdoor dining patios  and private clubs. Mayor considers that smoking should be permitted in establishments where visitors normally consume alcohol.