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Drunk uses cigarette packet to phone friend

A Russian drunk driverpulled over by police was so intoxicated he tried to make a phone call with a cigarette packet.

Moscow police stopped the car the man was driving after they noticed him driving erratically through the streets.

Video of the stop shows police struggling not to laugh as the man tries to speak to someone using his hand while stumbling about the car.

Russian drunk called friend with cigarette packet

Russian drunk called friend with cigarette packet

Eventually he fumbles about himself and pulls out a packet of cigarettes, which he proceeds to speak into.

The video shows one of the police officers turning away from the young driver in an effort to stop himself from laughing.

The driver attempts to call a friend on the cigarette packet and ask if his father is “on duty”, The Sun reports.

“Just deal with the situation,” he says before hanging up the cigarettes.

He denied he was drunk.

“Well, we were driving and we were almost there and now here we are,” the driver says in the video.

He then sits down in the police car and passes out on an officer’s shoulder.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the clip on video sharing websites.

Charlie Sheen Threatened With $100,000 Fine for Smoking on Stage

Instead the actor who was booed and cheered in Canada lit up an electronic cigarette.

Was Charlie Sheen a hit in Toronto on Thursday night?

Depends on whom you ask.

“The crowd inside is loving Sheen’s act,” TMZ wrote mid-show of Sheen’s first stop in the city, at Massey Hall.
But according to Toronto’s Globe and Mail columnist Lynn Crosbie, who live-tweeted the event, the crowd at certain points seemed unimpressed.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

“Crowd so fugue state they are booing silent pauses,” she wrote, adding that a Sheen at one point started taking questions from the audience and made the “people upstairs insane with rage” that he was staying on the main floor of the venue. She added that the Q&A was “disastrous” and the crowd was overall somewhat unruly.

“This is getting so ugly! Crowd so drunk so brain damaged cannot hear timid in comparison Sheen,” Crosbie wrote, adding that “Sheen is Mr Rogers compared to crowd. What happened to polite Canada?”
But when Sheen went back to the stage and started talking about Two and a Half Men, the crowd was “appeased,” according to Crosbie.

He also at one point said Men “looks like it’s going forward,” seemingly a reference to discussions he’s claimed he’s had with his former bosses about returning the show.

Earlier Thursday, Warner Bros. lawyers’ sent a legal letter to Sheen, contradicting those claims. On Thursday afternoon, Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, disputed WB’s claim as “ridiculous.”

During the show, Sheen stuck to his talk show format but had a new co-host, Canadian comedian Russell Peters, who told the audience he was donating his fee to a multiple sclerosis organization.

When Peters asked Sheen if his former co-star Jon Cryer had called, Sheen replied that he had changed his number.

TMZ also reported that Sheen — who has been smoking nearly nonstop on all of his tour performances – found a way to circumvent Toronto’s anti-smoking law during the show: by lighting up an electronic cigarette.
Massey Hall management told TMZ they would have to consider shutting down the show if Sheen smoked a real cigarette onstage, saying they could be fined up to $100,000 by the city.

Other “highlights” from the show:

– Sheen said the first star he ever slept with was Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey.
– His best friends are, in order: Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage and Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen.
– Sheen accused local jeweler Russell Oliver of “doing” his ex-wife Denise Richards.
– A little person was brought out onstage at one point during the show: “Tragically pointless,” Crosbie wrote.
– Sheen read an article about a woman who got over the grief of her husband’s death by watching Men.

Sheen then went on to toast his ashes – with apple cider, according to Crosbie – and the widow herself apparently came out on stage to tell her story.
– Sheen described his life as half Jaws, half Apocalypse Now.
– Sheen also discussed the LAPD’s raid of his house last month, during which police search for weapons that would have been in violation of the since revoked restraining order that his ex-wife Brooke Mueller had taken out against him. He said he had two hours’ notice of the search, which resulted in 100 officers “picking through the asbestos.” Among other items, they confiscated an antique gun from the 1800s, which Peters called the “gayest gun ever.”

-Sheen said he doesn’t trust the mainstream media, including Howard Stern.

Sheen performs again in Toronto on Friday night.

Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill is the cigarette brand produced in Cuba by the Cubatabaco company for Alfred Dunhill since 1982. Dunhill cigarettes keep their history from 1907 when Alfred Dunhill opened his shop in London, which sold cigars for wealthy audience. In the early 1990s, the cigarette brand became the property of Rothmans, but in the late 1990s, after the merger, – of the British American Tobacco.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes have always belonged to the class of “premium”, but, unfortunately, Russia has not enjoyed great demand. In Russia, Dunhill is sold in two versions: King size and International. The latter is remembered as the famous “red-gold” Dunhill. They are made of tobacco of Virginia sort and respected by consumers for its unique tobacco blend – 100% tobacco with no additives and flavorings.

Since 2003 the active promotion of cigarettes began. Especially for those cigarettes introduced the concept of “affordable super”. At the beginning, the cigarettes were sold in special stores and a few distribution networks.

Currently, Dunhill began to be produced in Russia, mainly in St. Petersburg. In connection with the start of production in Russia, the number of consumers Dunhill decreased, but the representatives of British American Tobacco argued that the prejudice about the decline in the quality of cigarettes does not relate to the Dunhill brand.

The line of Dunhill cigarettes includes: Dunhill Top Leaf, Dunhill Fine Cut (3 types), and Dunhill King Size (4 types). Dunhill Top Leaf are made from wrapper of Virginia tobacco, due to which they have a bright taste and aroma. Dunhill Fine Cut differs by the way of cutting tobacco leaf. It is cut two times thinner than in ordinary cigarettes, namely: 46 times per square inch. In addition, a pack of Dunhill Fine Cut has a catchy design – it is used pearl paper, embossing and monogram of Dunhill at the coal-filter cigarette.

Advertising slogans:

* Internationally acknowledged to be the finest cigarette in the world.

DUNHILL Fine Cut Black cigarettes are in the black, long pack with ribbed stripes on the edges; the filter of the cigarettes is in pearl-colored paper with embossing «Fc»

* Tar – 10 mg
* The content of nicotine – 0.9 mg
* Length – 100 mm

DUNHILL Fine Cut Dark Blue cigarettes are in dark blue, long pack with ribbed stripes on the edges; the filter of the cigarettes is in pearl-colored paper with embossing «Fc»
* Tar – 7 mg
* The content of nicotine – 0.7 mg
* Length – 100 mm

DUNHILL Fine Cut Blue cigarettes are in blue long pack with ribbed stripes on the edges; the filter of the cigarettes is in pearl-colored paper with embossing «Fc»

  • Tar – 4 mg
  • The content of nicotine – 0.4 mg
  • Length – 100 mm

How To Blow Smoke Rings

Learning how to blow smoke rings is quite easy. Blowing smoke rings just requires a little bit of subtle tongue action. You can do this with a cigarette, a pipe or any other tobacco smoking device by following the steps below.

To blow smoke rings, you will need:

Your tongue

Cigarette, cigar or pipe

Man is blowing smoke rings

Man is blowing smoke rings

Take a puff of smoke into your mouth. The bigger the puff the better. Do not inhale the smoke. Inhaling will make it impossible to blow smoke rings, although some people inhale just slightly and it works just fine. Instead, try to keep the smoke near the back of the mouth. You may cough a couple times at first, but you’ll perfect this with practice.

Form an “O” shape with your lips. Make sure that the opening is as large as possible. Point your tongue downward while you’re making this shape so that it is as vertical as possible.

Push out the smoke with your tongue. Use quick tongue movements to accomplish this without exhaling. You should feel like the middle area of your tongue is pushing out the smoke. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep experimenting with subtle adjustments of the tongue.

Some people say that packing your pack of cigarettes before unsealing it helps you blow better smoke rings. Others say that stronger cigarettes produce better smoke rings. You will still get some good ones from light cigarettes, however.

The most important factor is proper technique. The more you practice blowing smoke rings, the better they will look. Keep practicing.

Cigarettes Become More Expensive by 26%

Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that it intends to raise excise taxes on tobacco products. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave such a commission to the agency. It was unknown only a figure. Today, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that the excise tax has been decided to rise by 60%.

high cigarette price

high cigarette price

“We will strictly implement the concept, approved by the Russian government, on rising of excise taxes and bringing the value of the excise tax on tobacco to the European level. Now thousand cigarettes cost about 270 rubles, and we need to get three thousand rubles per thousand cigarettes. This is a significant growth, so in the next few years we plan to move rapidly to increase the excise tax – to raise the excise tax by 60% in the next year, and then also move to substantial increase “, – Kudrin said during his speech at the plenary session of the Duma.

According to Finance Minister, Russia will have the European level excise taxes by 2015; at that time they will rise by 11 times from the current day. In the near future Ministry of Finance will start working on these issues with other countries that are part of the Customs Union. According to Kudrin, increase in excise taxes will create a competitive environment in the tobacco industry to foreign producers.

Experts say that the increase of excise taxes by 60% will lead to rise in price of one pack of cigarettes, on average, by 26%. This means that the cheapest package will cost more than 60 rubles. Professionals who represent tobacco companies believe that such a sharp jump in prices will trigger influx of “black” cigarettes from China and Kazakhstan.

“The increase in excise taxes by more than 30% clearly leads to increased risks of illegal cigarette market in Russia. We have seen similar actions in Eastern Europe, when excise taxes sharply increased within a very short period of time. This led to the fact that today the illegal market ranges from 20% to 40% in Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic countries “, – said director of communications of the Japan Tobacco International company, Anatoly Vereshchagin.

Ministry of Finance intends to discourage any desire to smoke at the Russians.

As it was stated by Deputy Minister Sergei Shatalov, excise tax burden on tobacco could rise twice in 2012.

Ministry of Finance plans to maintain this rate of taxation until 2015. In this case, it remains unclear what actually is in question – the amount of excise tax or speed of its increase. Currently, the Finance Ministry estimates the effects of increasing of tax burden, and the government will come to a final decision. If it is positive, then the average price of a pack will be about 60 rubles by 2015.

Tobacco companies, of course, oppose the measures proposed by the Ministry of Finance. They argue that “grey” market of tobacco will be as a result of the tax “pressure” in Russia (today its share is less than 0.5%), and the government will miss the state tens of billions of fiscal revenues. Tobacco producers took Poland and Finland as an argument where a sharp increase in tobacco excise taxes has led to smuggling and counterfeiting up to 40% of the market.

For comparison, a pack of cigarettes in Germany costs about 5 euros, or 200 rubles.

«Winston» Cigarettes in Four Flavor Versions

Spring is a traditional time of the issuance of new brands. Right now tobacco companies offer new items to smokers. Last year, smokers were hit by the format of packs – just a few kind of cigarettes in unique packages appeared on the market. This year, the company decided to go the other way.

The «Winston» family, taken second place in the world ranking of tobacco brands – had refilling- «Winston Premier» subfamily. Russia has become one of the first markets where the brand has appeared. The brand was launching in Ukraine and Turkey, as well it was available during 2008 in other markets. «Winston Premier» is a brand positioned in super premium segment.

Winston Premier Cigarettes

Winston Premier Cigarettes

New product was introduced to the market in four flavors – «Filters» (8 mg tar, nicotine 0.7 mg) in a red package, «Lights» (6 / 0, 5 mg) in blue package, «SuperLights» (3 / 0, 2 mg ) in a gold package and snow-white «One» (1 / 0, 1 mg). The design of packages was implemented in a minimalist style with a minimum of graphic elements. At the same time, elegant packaging with round-corner format, thanks to the huge letter «W», supplanted partially on the front and partially on the side of the pack, can not be confused with anything. But the «Winston» company logo with the name of the subfamily and the famous eagle are decreased and shifted slightly to the left, and filled with metallic lettering. It looks really premium and prestige. The asymmetry in the design gives a special charm to the product. Another distinctive feature of novelty is a unique filter with CCT system (Channel Charcoal Technology). The filter consists of two sections – “coal” part and acetate section with 23 air channels due to which the taste of cigarettes get softer and more saturated. The same letter «W» is at the tipping paper.

According to the Manager of Communications of JTI Russia, Anatoly Vereshchagin, «Winston Premier» launching in the Russian market reflects the desire of the company to achieve positions in a “prestige” segment that are adequate to the status of the company in Russia. Today JTI is the undisputed leader of the Russian market with a market share of 35.1% (data from AC Nielsen, February 2008). Simultaneously, the company is the fastest growing in Russia, both in quantity (annual growth 0.7%) and in value terms (1.2%). In this case, the undisputed leader of the Russian market, the «Winston» family, also shows impressive growth – the share of «Winston» increased by 1 % to 9.2 % over 12 months (data from AC Nielsen).

Launching of the brand is supported by an active advertising campaign in the media, advertising materials and conducting consumer programs in the retail and HoReCa by a number of special projects. JTI has traditionally not announced advertising budget, however, according to Galina Rodina, the director for strategic development of brands of JT International, it was substantial.

State Anti-Smoking Funds May Soon Be Cut

In 2006 voters in Ohio spoke loudly and clearly that they supported a smoking ban.

The smoking ban came into force in 2007. Since then, in accordance with the Ohio Department of Health , 6,711 citations have been issued, including warnings.

Now some worry state budget cuts may prevent efforts to efficaciously carry out that ban.

smoking cessation sign

smoking cessation sign

In Governor John Kasich’s suggested budget, by fiscal year 2013, anti-tobacco funding will be eliminated. That is unless the Ohio Department of Health comes up with another methods to pay for it.

During the past few years, the state has spent $1.16 million yearly from the Tobacco Settlement Fund to maintain local health departments to examine and carry out the state’s smoking ban.

In Governor Kasich’s suggested budget, come July 1, money won’t be given to health departments. In July 2012, unless other ways are found, all state anti-tobacco funds will be removed.

Dr. Rob Crane, M.D., who was co-establisher of Smokefree Columbus, said that this smoking ban is more popular than ever. Crane added that 75 percent of people maintain this law and it is striking that the governor does not.

Connie Wehrkamp is a spokesperson for Governor Kasich. Wehrkamp told that Ohio is confronted with an unexampled $8 billion budget hole. This means that state government must spend less money on programs. It is not a reflection on the advantages of these programs, but rather the reality of the budget shortage.

Jose Rodriguez, Columbus Public Health Spokesperson, told that there is no clarity about how this will affect health departments such as CPH because a majority of their financing for enforcement comes from fines that they tax.

Meanwhile, the problem as well is with several smaller health departments.

Shelly Kiser, Director of Advocacy for the American Lung Association of Ohio said that several smaller health departments are not able to put it into operation without some of the financing they receive from the state. Kiser underlined that some smaller health departments do not want to enforce it without the funding arriving from the state.

Now Jen House with the Ohio Department of Health are finding methods to keep financing alive.

The first variant is to work cooperatively with the attorney general to get some of the $1.5 million they are owed from businesses who have broken the smoking ban. Jen House says ODH has only got $551,000 since the ban became operative in 2007.

ODH says next fiscal year will start this July. Approximately a million dollars in state funding will go to the Tobacco Quit Line. None of it will go enforcement.

Unless the state founds financing elsewhere, there will be no state anti-tobacco funding starting July 2012.

Indonesian clinic advertises smoking as cancer cure

An Indonesian clinic advertises smoking as cancer cure. Tobacco is publicly advertised as a cancer cure at a Jakarta clinic.

The Griya Balur clinic affirms that it can cure not only cancer, but also autism by means of divine cigarettes.

The Indonesian clinic would be closed in many countries, but not in Indonesia because it is one of the rich countries of tobacco which wants to help Western people with their health.

Smoking of divine cigarettes in the Griya Balur clinic

Smoking of divine cigarettes in the Griya Balur clinic

Tobacco use traditions along with poor control and the billions of US dollars that come to State treasury from the tobacco industry mean places like Griya Balur are accepted without objections.

The Western woman suffers from emphysema. The patient, who suffered from the emphysema which was obtained because of long smoking, cured her disease by blowing of smoke from “divine cigarettes” together with “nanotechnology” to eliminate free radicals through a tube into her lungs.

Smoke is as well blown into her nose and ears. At that time she keeps a cup of aspirin over her right eye.
Dr. Gretha Zahar, the founder of Griya Balur, said that 60,000 people were treated with “divine cigarettes” tobacco smoke at this clinic over the past ten years.

Gretha Zahar together with Philosophy Doctor in nanochemistry from Padjadjaran University is assured that tobacco smoking can cure all diseases including cancer by controlling of mercury.

Zahar said that mercury causes all diseases. Her cigarettes, so called “divine cigarettes”, contain adjustors that pull the mercury from the diseased organ.

She underlines that she will not publish her theories in journals or subject them to clinical tests. In addition Zahar said that Western medical scientists do not agree with her theories.

Recently farmers and legislators from the tobacco farming of Central Java were at the Constitutional Court because they do not agree with the law that recognizes the tobacco leaf as addictive.

Aris Widodo, a pharmacology professor at Brawijaya University, said that he had never heard that anyone can die from smoking. On the contrary he said that smoking can remove disquiet, improve concentration and ease the nerves. Widodo added that smoking is a good cheap choice compared to expensive drugs like Valium.
Tobacco products are addictive and injurious to health, but Indonesians improve this bad habit, maintaining it by the tobacco marketing.

People smoke everywhere – from beauty parlours to stomatologist waiting rooms. Parents give cigarettes to their children in order to keep them quiet. Promoters of tobacco products give cigarettes to youth people together with concert tickets. Laws on smoking ban are not always enforced. Tobacco advertising is placed on the country’s billboards and television advertisement.

The price for a pack with 20 cigarettes is nearly one dollar. The Southeast Asian poorest families spend money most of all for food (the first place) and cigarettes (the second place).

What do people inhale with the smoke?

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 different chemical compounds, most of which are poisonous to varying degrees. Many of them will not only destroy the body’s cells, but also start oncologic process, that is, they are carcinogenic, compared to which nicotine, a drop of which really can kill a horse, is not too dangerous substance.

A man exhales the cigarette smoke

A man exhales the cigarette smoke

Here are the best-known components of tobacco smoke in alphabetical order.

Acrolein is a component of tear gas, used for dispersal of demonstrations. It refers to the first class of chemical risks, that is, an extremely toxic substance.

Ammonia is a member of the most famous tools for cleaning plumbing. It is one of the provocators of developing asthma.

Acetaldehyde is what the alcohol in the body turns in, leading to its toxicity. It was previously used for the production of adhesives and resins for the woodworking industry. Now acetaldehyde is not used, as it turned out that it is a carcinogen.

Acetone is a strong solvent. It is well known to many women as a component of nail polish remover. It can irritate the eyes and nasal pharynx. It damages the liver and kidneys at prolonged exposure.

Benzene is an organic solvent, which can cause several types of cancers, including leukemia.

Benzpyrene is another representative of substances of the first class of danger. It is powerful carcinogen that accumulates in the body and provokes the development of lung cancer and skin. In addition, it is able to make a human infertile.

Cadmium is a poison that can accumulate in the body. It affects the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Chronic poisoning by it leads to anemia and bone destruction.

Crotonaldehyde is a toxic substance on the list of particularly dangerous substances. It disrupts the immune system and can cause changes in DNA.

Nicotine does not have carcinogenic effect. But it is quick and highly addictive. It affects the nervous system very quickly – within 15 seconds after inhaling it gets into the brain.

Pyridine is used in the manufacture of insecticides. It irritates the mucous membranes, cause headaches and nausea.

Lead is used in the manufacture of batteries, paint and metal alloys. It is very toxic substance that can accumulate in the bones and cause their destruction. It is particularly harmful for children.

Cyanhydric acid is still used for executions in the United States. It is just toxic as cyanide, which is made of it.

Tar is a chemical substance that causes the development of cancerous tumors. If to release tobacco smoke from the mouth through a clean handkerchief, it will remain weak dark stain. It’s worth noting that while 70 percent of the tar has settled in the lungs.

Styrene is used in the manufacture of plastics. It leads to a headache and is considered a cause of leukemia.

Carbon monoxide is a poison that can bind with hemoglobin in the blood and prevent the delivery of oxygen to body cells. It can be obtained at lethal doses in case of fire, malfunction of heating devices, or from the exhaust gas of cars.

In cigarette dose, this substance acts oppressively on muscular and cardiovascular system. It causes fatigue, drowsiness, weakness and dizziness. It is particularly toxic carbon monoxide for children during fetal development.

Phenol is a toxic substance that causes disruption of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is used to produce plywood and other building materials.

Formaldehyde is a toxic and carcinogenic substance. Its aqueous solution is used for preservation of cadavers and anatomical specimens, as well as for tanning leather. It is a strong carcinogen.

Chromium is used as a protective layer for metal and some alloys. It is powerful carcinogen that causes lung cancer.

Indonesia – a paradise for tobacco companies and hell for people

The most popular ignored phrase on the streets of Indonesia is the phrase “Dilarang Merokok” – No Smoking.

People with a cigarette are everywhere – in restaurants, cinemas, hotels and shopping malls. Indonesians are very fond of smoking and spend about 220 billion a year for buying tobacco products.

Prepacking of cigarettes

Prepacking of cigarettes

63 percent of men in Indonesia are smoker, but women and children inevitably become passive smokers or start smoking. The average family spends about 11 percent of their budget on cigarettes in Indonesia. This line of expenditure takes second place after rice; it is more than expenditure for fruits, vegetables and meat, education and housing.

While other countries in Southeast Asia have introduced stricter tobacco control, nothing has been done in Indonesia in order to stop the spread of tobacco.

This is one of the few countries that refuse to sign the World Health Organization convention on combating the spread of tobacco use, which entered into force in 2005. This contract is supported by 163 states and it is recognized as one of the most widely supported treaties in history.

Indonesia is a free zone for the tobacco companies; they can do whatever they want. The tobacco company can become a sponsor of a football match or pop concert, which will distribute free samples of their products. There tobacco companies conduct aggressive marketing campaign, aimed directly at teenagers.

According to David Stanford of the Indonesian consumer organization, Indonesia is one of the two countries in the world, which gives complete freedom of tobacco advertising on television. “The second country, which allows tobacco advertising on television, is Zimbabwe,” he says.

Tobacco companies are permitted to specify information about the dangers of tobacco on the cigarette pack on the back side or at the very end of the pack, in the places where it is not particularly visible.

Indonesian politicians lack the spirit to solve this problem by imposing restrictions and tightening the requirements for the advertising of tobacco. Indonesia has very low excise taxes on tobacco products and politicians are afraid of that they will lose most of the incomes if they start restrictive measures against tobacco products.

Nevertheless, 200,000 Indonesians die from smoking-related diseases each year. And this is a very conservative estimate based on incomplete data.

Indonesia is among the largest producers of tobacco. Approximately 80% of cultivated tobacco is used for cigarette production, the rest goes to the production of tobacco chewing and pipe tobacco and other tobacco products.