Students Should Lead the Way During Stoptober

Stop Smoking

Those who every morning do walk up the same stretch of pavement outside Farringdon station on their way to work in order to enjoy fresh air cannot enjoy it on the whole way as there is always a crowd of people puffing on cigarettes.

You may wonder why? You see smokers everywhere; not only congregated outside Farringdon station, but outside lecture theatres as well. It is not just the health effects that make smoking seem like an unintelligent thing to do, but these days smoking is really expensive. The bill will be really large if you smoke premium cigarettes and buy them at your local store.

Eleanor Doughty does not mind smoking. When she was 15 and hanging out with her friends, everyone smoked, except Eleanor, because she was so scared of fire that she couldn’t use a lighter.  Eleonor and several of her friends liked to hang around outside because some people smoked. Some people became lots of people, and then lots of people became everyone until a point at a party in 2010 when she was the only one left inside.

In the university students called her ‘the bore’, because she didn’t smoke, and Eleonor hardly expected it to be outlawed. If anything she expected university to be more liberal. There is a smoking zone ob campus because smoking is forbidden on university territory. Students hang out of windows in flats without setting off smoke alarms.

However, nothing changes: on packed nights at the SU, students are pulled towards the fresh air outside; where question ‘have you got a lighter?’ is a good start for a conversation.  This is a way to meet Colin Firth, but certainly he had his own lighter.

Eleanor says smoking is anti-social. October has began and it brought Stoptober, a national stop smoking month for anyone who wants to sign up.  Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says that two thirds of smokers start smoking before age 18. It is planned that Stoptober will attract 200,000 people to quit smoking.

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