State Smoking Ban in USA

Last week The Illinois House’s declared to free casinos from the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act. 35 states forbid smoking indoors in public places – Illinois is among these states. Some of these states have exemptions for casinos or bars.

smoking ban

In accordance with Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, a national anti-smoking lobbying group, some states have improved their smoke-free laws.

Annie Tegen, superior program manager for the group told that in approximately every case, smoking bans are established, they are extremely popular and they do not want to decline them.

In spite of this, Illlinois casino owners indicate that 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act makes them to lose millions of dollars and the state – in taxes.

Tom Swoik is the executive director of the Illinois Casino Gaming Association that has seven riverboat casinos. He said that state government lost approximately $800 million in the first three years because of the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act. He added that if the ban goes on, they will lose $1.1 billion in taxes at the end of this year.

Kathy Drea, association vice president of advocacy, said that it is not a fact that if smoking is permitted in casinos again, incomes will increase.

In order that smoking was permitted in Illinois casinos, House Bill 1965 has to pass the Senate and Gov. Pat Quinn should sign it.

Quinn’s spokeslady underlined that Quinn will examine the bill before carrying a resolution.

Fewer than all thinks that the Illinois General Assembly will weaken a statewide smoking ban in public places.

Mark Polk, holder of a bar in downtown Springfield, told that he initially was against the smoking ban. He added that it is his property and he is able to do what he wants in it. Mark Polk argued that since the ban was in action, he had a slender income.

Bev Landreth, owner of a bar, told that they had no revenues because smoking visitors had to go outside.
Bev Landreth did not give data about incomes, but said that there is much less visitors in his bar.
She wants visitors to smoke indoor. This gives an opportunity to see more visitors in a bar and to get a good return.

35 states prohibit smoking indoors. 37 states and the District of Columbia guarantee municipal anti-smoking laws.

22 states, including Illinois and Ohio, prohibit smoking at casinos.

However, Native Americans casinos work in many of those states, and states have no control over those activities. Smoking in a tribal casino is at the election of the owning tribe.

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