Smoking Rates High in Lubbock and Amarillo Refions


Tobacco Prevention & Control Regional Coordinator for region 1 with the Texas Department of State Health Services Jennifer Hasty confesses that for several years she was starting a new day with a Winston Blue cigarette and a cup of coffee. She wanted to quit the habit but did not know how to do it.

Soon the decision came naturally due to health problems and the mandatory need to give up smoking. She explains that she came to a thought that she does not want to be addicted to something till the rest of her life. She managed to fight smoking and now she helps other people to do it.

The Department of State Health Services reveals that Amarillo and Lubbock regions have highest smoking rates in Texas. According to a report, these regions had a higher percentage of smokers in comparison with to the state average in 2010.  However, latest data showed that smoking rates dropped but still remain higher than the state’s averages from 2011 through 2014.

According to  Kathy Oaks, senior market manager of community engagement for the High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society, smoking rates across the USA are declining steadily.  She considers that this occured due to increasing people’s awarness about effects of tobacco use. Annually thousands people get diseased with one or another smoking-related disease.

American Cancer Society aims to reduce smoking rates. Thus it launched the Great American Smoke Out campaign which spreads info about smoking risks and encourages smokers to stop the habit.

Most hazardous smoking is to pregnant women, and therefore a special attention is paid to this problem. Pregnancy smoking rates in Lubbock are the same as the state average – 1.3 to 6.3%.

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