Smoking Rate in Solano County is Still Higher than in Other Counties

Approximately 15% of Solano County’s population is smoking. This is the highest rate in the nine Bay Area county regions.

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Solano County was the seventh among the nine Bay Area counties constituting 14.6 %, higher than Marin County’s 7.3% smoking rate and also higher than the statewide rate of 13.1 %, according to data presented by the state Department of Health.

Megan Flores, project director of the Solano County Tobacco Prevention & Education Program declared that for the first time of Solano County existence it has had its own data analyzed by the state.

“The prevalence of smoking rate is usually higher in rural counties than in urban counties. That is why I hope that sate officials will investigate this case and find out why rural counties average constitutes 15.9% versus 10.9% in urban counties,” stated, Dr. Mark Horton, California’s public health director.

“From my point of view in this situation there are some concerns. I suppose that Solano County’s smoking rate was higher due to demographic reasons. When income rises, smoking rate declines. The same is true about educational level,” Megan Flores sated.

Megan Flores also reminded that Solano County is a home to Travis Air Force Base, which could influence on the county’s smoking rate as there is a great number of young people in the service and smoking prevails among them.

However, the county continues to take measures in this field in order to eradicate this dangerous habit among its population.

Such policies not only help protect non-smokers from exposure to second-hand smoke but also encourage smokers to quit this dangerous habit, according to Megan Flores.

While the FDA currently prohibited flavored cigarettes, Megan Flores declared that the Solano County Tobacco Prevention & Education Program tries to be in line with other counties who want to require Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to prohibit menthol cigarettes that are advertised for teenagers.

Also was conducted a statewide study which revealed that:

  • Men still continue to smoke more than women, 15.6 % versus 10.7%
  • The college graduate smoking rate constituted 5.9% in comparison to 12% of those with lesser education
  • Smoking rate among households who have an income of more than $150,000 constituted 7.8% if compared to a 19.8% rate for those having less than $20,000
  • Americans smoke more than 360 billion cigarettes annually, thus bringing to 135 million pounds of butts
  • Toxic filters comprise 28% of the whole litter collected worldwide

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