Smoking Kik-kwang: Good or bad?

Yesterday, two photos of a man looking exactly like BEAST’s Lee Ki-kwang with a cigarette, surfaced on local online community boards, stirring controversy over the validity of it, according to a report by soompi website.

After seeing these photos titled “Lee Ki-kwang Smoking,” netizens have questioned whether the person in the photos is indeed Lee Ki-kwang or not.

Lee Ki-kwang smoking a cigarette

Lee Ki-kwang smoking a cigarette

Some commented about Lee’s smoking while others said, “He is past the legal age to smoke. What is wrong with smoking?”

An official from BEAST’s agency addressed the issue stating, “We’re not sure if that’s Lee Ki-kwang. But even it is him, there’s nothing wrong with it since he’s past the legal age.”

The statement was received with lots of scrutiny. Although some believed that there is nothing wrong with a celebrity smoking, many believed that as an idol member, it doesn’t set a good example for their young followers.

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