Today Smoking Costs More than Before

Officials indicated that smoking is costing the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales more than £7m every week. A report conducted by Ash Wales and British Heart Foundation Cymru showed that smoking related diseases cost NHS Wales an estimated £386m in 2007/08.

Smoking accounts for around 22% of adult hospital admission costs over £235m every year, the research reported. The meeting government said that attacking smoking was a priority and attitudes were changing towards smoking.

Smoking costs

This report was presented at an international tobacco control conference in Cardiff by Prof Ceri J Phillips of Swansea University. Prof. Phillips said that nearly a quarter of the adult population in Wales is smokers and most of these started smoking when they are kids.

Statistics show that 6,000 people in Wales dye each year as a result of cigarette smoking. But the report concluded that many more would continue to die each year, or suffer chronic long term diseases, if these levels were upheld.

Tanya Buchanan, of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) Wales, said: “What this report doesn’t contain is the huge cost to the economy of Wales, for example more than £23m from lost productivity through smoking related sickness absences and £6m from smoking related fires.”

Ms. Buchanan said that the report should not be used to demonize smokers but to quick a move towards a more proactive health service, promoting and protecting people’s health throughout their lives. “We insist the Welsh Assembly Government to act now and implement a comprehensive, and fully funded, tobacco control strategy for Wales, in line with other parts of the UK,” she added.

Delyth Lloyd, public affairs manager for British Heart Foundation Cymru, explained: “The findings of this report should be of real concern to all who are involved in public health policy and decision making in Wales.”
So cigarettes price is not high only when people buy them, but they also have a high cost even after smoking them, because they attack the people’s health. For example smokers have to pay from dental costs to laundry to property damage to productivity loss and so on. That’s why smoking costs a whole lot more than the smokers might think.

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