Indonesian clinic advertises smoking as cancer cure

An Indonesian clinic advertises smoking as cancer cure. Tobacco is publicly advertised as a cancer cure at a Jakarta clinic.

The Griya Balur clinic affirms that it can cure not only cancer, but also autism by means of divine cigarettes.

The Indonesian clinic would be closed in many countries, but not in Indonesia because it is one of the rich countries of tobacco which wants to help Western people with their health.

Smoking of divine cigarettes in the Griya Balur clinic

Smoking of divine cigarettes in the Griya Balur clinic

Tobacco use traditions along with poor control and the billions of US dollars that come to State treasury from the tobacco industry mean places like Griya Balur are accepted without objections.

The Western woman suffers from emphysema. The patient, who suffered from the emphysema which was obtained because of long smoking, cured her disease by blowing of smoke from “divine cigarettes” together with “nanotechnology” to eliminate free radicals through a tube into her lungs.

Smoke is as well blown into her nose and ears. At that time she keeps a cup of aspirin over her right eye.
Dr. Gretha Zahar, the founder of Griya Balur, said that 60,000 people were treated with “divine cigarettes” tobacco smoke at this clinic over the past ten years.

Gretha Zahar together with Philosophy Doctor in nanochemistry from Padjadjaran University is assured that tobacco smoking can cure all diseases including cancer by controlling of mercury.

Zahar said that mercury causes all diseases. Her cigarettes, so called “divine cigarettes”, contain adjustors that pull the mercury from the diseased organ.

She underlines that she will not publish her theories in journals or subject them to clinical tests. In addition Zahar said that Western medical scientists do not agree with her theories.

Recently farmers and legislators from the tobacco farming of Central Java were at the Constitutional Court because they do not agree with the law that recognizes the tobacco leaf as addictive.

Aris Widodo, a pharmacology professor at Brawijaya University, said that he had never heard that anyone can die from smoking. On the contrary he said that smoking can remove disquiet, improve concentration and ease the nerves. Widodo added that smoking is a good cheap choice compared to expensive drugs like Valium.
Tobacco products are addictive and injurious to health, but Indonesians improve this bad habit, maintaining it by the tobacco marketing.

People smoke everywhere – from beauty parlours to stomatologist waiting rooms. Parents give cigarettes to their children in order to keep them quiet. Promoters of tobacco products give cigarettes to youth people together with concert tickets. Laws on smoking ban are not always enforced. Tobacco advertising is placed on the country’s billboards and television advertisement.

The price for a pack with 20 cigarettes is nearly one dollar. The Southeast Asian poorest families spend money most of all for food (the first place) and cigarettes (the second place).

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