Smoking Ban Rises Debates in New Orleans

Girl Smoking in Park

In New Orleans there was drafted a smoking ban which raised hot debates. According to proposal, smoking should be prohibited in Storyland and City Putt. However, park commissioners have different opinions on that — some want a 100% ban, and some do not want a ban at all.

The proposal came from Susan Hess, the board president, and Chief Executive Officer Bob Becker, who said that smoking should be restricted for several kinds of tobacco products. There should be banned use of regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes in City Putt and Storyland, recreational public places where normally come families with kids. Experts say that smoking ban in particular areas of parks will make smokers look for other places to light up. However, responsable bodies may impose a total smoking ban in those places.

Many commissioners want a tougher smoking ban but Commissioner Edgar Chase was fiercely critical about several points. He considers that common concept of smoking regulations may be unfair and outside the board’s attribution. In her turn, Hess does not appreciate a sneaky and rapid way of drafting the smoking ban. Here she mentioned comissioners Will Tregre, Andrea LeGrand, Karen Frenandez.

The comissioners studied practicies of smoking bans in parks of several large US cities and made several important discoveries. For example, they found that some parks are 100% smoke-free while other allow smoking. Some parks provide a wide range of possibilities for sport and recreation but do not prohibit tobacco use.

For example, Storyland is popular place and if a smoker lights up somewhere there then his smoke will be inhaled by other people, inluding children.

One commissioner said that Storyland has no enforcement capacity to implement a park-wide ban. Commissioner Errol Laborde opposed the ban saying it would never do to adopt a smoking ban here.

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