An Indefinite Smoking Ban, Oakland County

Establishing a new smoking ban is one thing, but obliging it is something absolutely differently.

Oakland County health officials declared that they are not certain how to enforce the smoking ban that should take effect starting with May 1st, despite the fact that they support the idea of banning smoking which can improve public health.

Smoking Ban Oakland County

“We consider that approximately 75 percent of what the law talks about will be obliged by the patrons and the restaurant proprietors,” confirmed George Miller, director of Oakland County Health and Human Services, which controls the county health section.

But the other 25 percent are probable those people who used to smoke in the bathroom with an open door when it’s cold outside.

The new legislation will prohibit smoking in all public places, especially outdoor places where the food and beverages are served, or where there are non-smokers.

A person or even agency who violates the smoking ban may receive a civil penalty up to $100 for the first violation and not more than $500 for more offenses.

Mr. Miller argued: “Receiving a phone call in the morning which will say to someone that smoking at restaurant X is going to be banned it’s very hard, because will appear a lot of questions.”

And for to make sure that the restaurant proprietor took this announce in serious, officials should control if the no-smoking signs are up, and to make sure that the cigarette smoke have been taken out of the restaurant, added Miller.

However, the enforcement of this new law could be very problematic, especially to announce approximately 40,000 businesses that are non-restaurant businesses.

The Oakland County is looking to Ohio experience which approved the smoking ban starting with 2006. For example, in Ohio fines were put in place in the second year of the ban and only in the third year, the state decided to pay inspectors $125 for their visit.

“It is clear that we support it, because it is great for public health. But our biggest interest is not to put the new bill for enforcement on the taxpayers of Oakland County,” noted Mr. Miller.

Food and drink buildings can lose their food and beverage certificates if they don’t accept the smoking ban. This ban requires operators to tell to all people who light up that they’re violating the law. Operators, or precisely patrons, can always call for free for local police, who can issue an official summons to appear in court.

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