Smoking Ban Initiative Blocked in Powell City


This week the Powell City Council headed by Mayor Don Hillman was listening arguments of people who are against propsed smoing ban in the city. There were more than 40 people in the council room and all but one of the 12 speakers on the issue asked the council to refuse from smoking ban.

The council proposed smoking ban two months ago. However, bar owners and customers do oppose the initiative. After hearing from the speakers, the council said he needs more information and temporary blocked the initiative.

Hillman said there is self-imposed smoking ban in Powell and in his opinion it is important to let people choose by themselves what they want and what they like. Hillman together with his wife are former smokers and when they went to a restaurant or bar they choose places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited. It is a matter of choice and it goes for business owners, too. Today everyone who wants may run a business and this is their business. This affirmation elicited applause from the audience.

La Vina Package Liquors general manager James Andrews was the first person to speak against smoking ban. He said he spent two weeks on reading 37 studies on second-hand smoking effects and none of them provides  a proven evidence that second-hand smoke is hazardous for people.

The owner of The Peaks, Meldon McCullough, said that most of people he speaks with are against smoking ban because it violates their freedom. He added that those who support the ban do not come to the bar.

Gene Olmsted, a non-smoker who lives in Park County for a long time, asked how can be prohibited a substance that is legal? They begin with one things to ban then continue woth other. His affirmations faced loud applause.

There were four people to speak against smoking but only one of them did it. His name is John Vipperman and he is a physician’s assistant from the Big Horn Basin Regional Cancer Center,  Vipperman said it is important to create more smoke-free places in order to reduce number od smoking-related diseases.

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