Smoking Ban in Campus Begins at Ohio State


Starting from January, new smoking policy comes into effect at Ohio State University. New smoking ban prohibits use of tobacco on university property but new rules does not penalize those who break them as they do rely on passers-by to remind smokers politely of the ban.

The success of the policy totally depends on the cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. In order to help with rules implementation, groups of volunteers will walk through campus seeking smokers and asking them to stop. Also in next weeks there will be distributed to smokers informational cards calling them to stop.

However, in spite of new anti-smoking rules, students continue to smoke near OSU buildings or while walking across campus. They know about the smoking ban, but say that only a serious penalty can prevent them from smoking.

Dr. Peter Shields, deputy director of the university’s cancer center, says that this smoking ban is going to work because it is not the first university to introduce it. Soon people will understand that they aren’t permitted to smoke cigarettes and so they begin to follow policies. Policy cannot force students to comply. It is not a state law. The policy works in the university only, that is why law enforcement officials cannot punish for policy violations.

Those who repeatedly violate the smoking ban can only be punished for discipline break under existing codes of conduct that require them to follow university policies, However, nothing demands tobacco users to identify themselves, and there is no complaint system even if they do.

Smoking ban was expected to begin in August 2013 as an attempt of Ohio Board of Regents to make public-college campuses of tobacco-free. But the ban was delayed until January 1, 2014.

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