Smoking Ban in Bruce

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Smoker Joan Claunch, who lives in Bruce, Mississippi, says that smoking ban approved recently in the city by the Board of Aldermen does not bother her at all as long as it is not taken too far.

She says that it would never do to ban smoking in her car and this causes a problem.

Other smoker Kenny Oliver told while he was pumping gas at a Bruce convenience store that probably the new smoking ban is a sign he should quit the habit for good.  He wanted to quit some time ago and he believes that this ordinance would help him do it this time.

In his turn, Bruce Mayor Rudy Pope, said he is not against smokers as he has many friends who smoke cigarettes. There is a number of reasons why he decided to outlaw smoking in town of Bruce.  First of all, it was estimated that 80% of the people in Mississippi do not smoke, therefore other 20% should be thoughtful of non-smokers.

Smoking ban in Bruce prohibits smoking in almost every public building and in parks, including town square.  Also a number of businesses are included as well.

The mayor hopes that a 20-foot no-smoking area for the businesses where smokers will be far enough to avoid secondhand smoke.  The ordinance will not touch those who smoke at home.

Accirding to  Pope, authorities want to control places which people do visit and stay and if they do not smoke, they also should be protected from secondhand smoke. The majority of people in Bruce support the anti-smoking initiative.

First violation of the law will cost the offender $100.  A second offense will cost $200 and a third – $500 fine.  The Mayor says that if possible, the city wants to avoid those fines and might even offer counseling services.

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