Smoking Ban in Boston


The smoking ban in Boston, Massachusetts, was proposed by the Mayor Thomas M. Menino and it came into action from the beginning of 2014. The lnew law prohibits to smoke not only cigarettes but also e-cigarettes, marijuana and vaporizers in all city open spaces such as parks and cemeteries.

The ban includes Boston Common located close to campus which makes the park a popular place for many Emerson smokers. However, with the smoking ban students have to look for other place to smoke.

Residents of the city say that it will be quite hard to make this law work because there are many people that choose to smoke in the Common. It is a common place for smokers, especially for  Emerson students for whom it is the only place to smoke.

Those who violate the law will have to pay a $250 fine. However, at the beginning the enforcement will be on a peer-to-peer basis, which means that ordinary park visitors will inform smokers about the new anti-smoking rules. Fines will be applied in the last resort. People should be well informed about the new rules that recently came into action.

Some people consider the peer-to-peer aspect of the initiative to be problemati. They say that the only people who will eat smoker’s out are those affected by tobacco smoke. Silvia Stantcheva, a junior political communication major, told that Emerson students will not change their smoking habits. Stantcheva smokes about four Marlboro Reds daily and she added that many smokers pretend they are not aware about smoking ban.

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