Smoking and Weight Gain. The facts

smoking and weight lossSome researchers advise that smokers who successfully quit smoking need to make sure they do not put on extra weight after quitting.  Some studies have found out that many people who quit smoking gain extra weight. In such cases, dietary advice is necessary and should be provided along with treatment drugs by the drug provider or the doctor.

Reasons for Weight Gain

It has been seen that most of the smokers who continue with this habit for a long time often suffer from lung disease including cancer. The normal functioning of lungs in smokers declines over time. After quitting though, they put on weight.  Smokers who put on weight have poor lung function. So, it negates the benefit of quitting smoking. If you have decided to say good bye to smoking, first talk to your doctor who may suggest some dietary plans too. Some smokers cite excuses including fears of weight gain if they quit smoking. You might have come across a report of the WHO, which says that smoking is the leading cause of death and diseases among people worldwide. It’s better to stop smoking and then later attend the issues of weight gain, if it arises. This advice could be encouragement for smokers who find excuses of not being able to quit smoking.

Blind Belief about Smoking

You may have come across many smokers who cite reasons for their smoking. The most general one is smokers feel relieved from stress or tension after taking a few deep puffs of cigarettes. There is little truth in this though. Smoking is associated with many serious diseases that can causes death in some cases and degrade the quality of life in other cases.

What are Benefits of Quitting Smoking?

The foremost benefit that a smoker can experience after quitting is improvement in overall quality of health. The taste buds will discover their lost sensations and you will find food tastier than before.
The risk for diseases becomes less and even if you have contracted any, its treatment is speedy. Apart from health benefits of quitting, you may also observe monetary benefits. You can save the money that is normally wasted in buying cigarettes. This becomes a huge amount if you have been smoking for a long time. Just give it a thought!

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