Phillip Morris is pro smokeless alternative to cigarettes

Have you ever thought over smokeless tobacco products, about their benefits in comparison to smoking ones? Have you had any desire to switch to it, to find out its distinctive features and quality? Most probably many of you, who wanted or wants to stop smoking but not forever, in other words to find any alternative to smoking tobacco, resorted to its good substitution.

Marlboro snus

For those who still hesitate whether to try this smokeless creation, Philip Morris decided to please all smokers’ wishes and to concern itself with the production either smoking or smokeless tobacco articles. Because this tobacco enterprise sees this decision as perfect encouraging of smokers who can’t or won’t quit tobacco to switch to less-harmful smokeless tobacco.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Philip Morris and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co., which are both parts of the Altria Group Inc., notified the Food and Drug Administration suggesting that tobacco items be ranked on their harmfulness to health beside smokeless tobacco products being considered as obviously less harmful than cigarettes. Philip Morris is confident that its plan will have a considerable public-health advantage. Launching of such smokeless products will definitely inspire inveterate smokers consider for a moment about their health and to turn to less deleterious products.

But it is unreasonable. Many experts do not find this decision judicious. As everyone knows that Philip Morris is the biggest tobacco enterprise who is renowned for its elite smoking brands, which are beyond any comparison. It makes the vast majority of its profits namely from smoking cigarette sales, and this new “smokeless” plan will undoubtedly reduce those sales in case if smokers switch to smokeless products. There arises a question what intention does Philip Morris have?

First of all, since when are tobacco companies concerned of public health? Being the most immediate dealer of smoking tobacco in society, whose prosperity directly depends on smoking cigarettes sales, it contradicts itself.

Those who doubt over wishful thinking of the producer of Marlboro cigarettes, suspect that the genuine companies’ intention consists not in switching from utterly detrimental cigarettes to less harmful smokeless tobacco. They have another goal. Smokeless products will be a perfect alternative to smoking ones in those places where the last is prohibited. Being in the know that smoke-free air law spreads across all the states, the majority of smoking aficionados will seize this chance. Skeptics see this as the game plan. Still only companies themselves know what object they pursue.

Some public-health supporters sustain the idea of encouraging smokers to go over smokeless products as a mean to reduce tobacco-related disease. However, there are those who are against the strategy, declaring it could prompt people who otherwise would never tried tobacco to become addicted to it. Various scientific researches have revealed that smokeless products contain lower risk level in comparison to smoking cigarettes.

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