Smoke-free Law Improves the Air Quality

At present the air in Dodge County workplaces is quite cleaner, according to researches who measured air quality before and after the state’s smoking ban was adopted.

A few months later it was detected that the number of particulates has dropped to 3 micrograms per cubic meter.

Smoke-free zone

“I am not surprised that the levels have changed from the first to second test. It proves one more time that prohibiting people from smoking inside will improve the quality of air we breathe,” stated Dodge County Public Health Officer John Ritger.

According to the report, the level of particulates in workplace air in Dodge County cafes and restaurants before the ban was approximately twice the level deemed dangerous.

Ritger stated he believes that the effects of cleaner workplace air will continue to be shown over time.
“I am very glad for those people who have to be in those businesses in order to support their families and who do not have an alternative at this time in the labor market,” Ritger said.

The city of Fond du Lac was one of the communities included in an economic research of smoke-free ordinances adopted before Wisconsin’s workplace ban.

“The results demonstrated that bars and restaurants in the smoke-free cities showed good results,” stated Allison Miller of the American Cancer Society.

The given study analyzed several factors such as the number of alcohol licenses given to restaurants and bars; the number of establishments and employees working before and after the ban.

“We have also seen other organizations, which conducted similar studies,” stated Sandy Bernier of Fond du Lac, tobacco control representative for Five Counties for Tobacco Free Living.

As stated Bernier, the studies as a rule show the number of businesses, which continue to occupy the same positions or increase.

“This year was successful for Fond du Lac. It was like a proof for the businesses that have been compliant. There were no data on infringements of a smoke-free law in the city of Fond du Lac or any other from that group,” Bernier stated.

Miller declared that the purpose of the smoke–free workplace laws do not consist in affecting businesses but to set up healthy environments for workers and customers.

From 2007 to 2009, job placement in administrative services dropped 11%; placement in construction decreased 19%; and the durable goods sectors dropped by 17%.

Within the same period, according to the report, job placement in food services and similar business fell by 3%.

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