Slim Cigarettes Continue to Attack

The rapid growth of the segment of slims continues. The emergence of new names, varieties of taste and subtle versions of popular brands of standard size seems to come on stream. This situation is somewhat reminiscent of what happened in the cigarette market of the traditional format three or four years ago, when the new name of cigarettes or a superlight version of an old brand appeared in the domestic tobacco market almost every week.

Kiss Romantic Cigarettes

Kiss Romantic Cigarettes

The explanation, of what is happening now in the segment slims, is very simple – a segment of thin cigarettes continues to increase (albeit not as fast as in 2005-2006), but the competition in it is rapidly intensifying. Tobacco companies have no choice but to “post” places while they are still there.

It should not be forgotten that the investment in equipment for the production of cigarettes in this format must be justified; the share of slims segment still remains quite low in the total tobacco market in the country, and no brand (except, perhaps, the “flagship”) can not use existing production capacity. All these factors lead to the appearance of new names on the market of “thin” cigarettes, which surely please consumers – the wider the range, the more choices.

“Donskoy Tabak” announced the expansion of line of «Kiss» cigarettes. Two new versions of popular superthin cigarettes produced in the factory under a licensing agreement with UK Innovation Tobacco, are characterized by original design, unlike «Kiss» traditional design with pearl lacquer and pink foil stamping. A cursory glance at the pack may get the impression that its front surface is encrusted with precious stones, however, it is not like that. The optical effect is achieved through the use of advanced printing technologies. In addition, colored cigarette papers are used in both versions of «Kiss Exclusive» cigarettes, which also feature a novelty to most commercially available thin cigarettes. «Kiss Exclusive» cigarettes are presented in two flavor varieties – «Lights» (5 / 0, 5 mg of tar and nicotine respectively) and «SuperLights» (3 / 0, 3 mg).

A month before the announcement of «Kiss Exclusive» cigarettes, “Donskoy Tabak” introduced «Kiss» flavored version on the market – «Kiss fresh apple» with the scent of green apple (tar and nicotine – 5 / 0, 5 mg respectively). It is important to note that this is not the first company experience in the production of flavored cigarettes. Earlier the company was producing fine flavored cigarettes «Sakura».

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