Shaan releases anti-tobacco music video in Mumbai

Playback singer Shaan launched a music video ‘Life se panga mat le yaar’ (Don’t play with life) as a part of an anti-tobacco campaign in entertainment capital Mumbai on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has appointed Shaan as the ambassador for its national anti-tobacco campaign.

Shaan said the song is part of the ministry’s campaign to keep the young away from tobacco.

Shaan is against tobacco

Shaan is against tobacco

“It is a part of our campaign to change the thinking of the youth and to make them understand in their language and in their ways that there is no heroism or machismo in eating tobacco, or smoking cigarettes, or it will make you cool, or you will be a hero. It is nothing like that,” he said.

Shaan said that the objective behind the campaign is not to remove tobacco shops from near school premises but to stop youngsters from going to those shops.

“We can talk to people and to the ministry on the rules that are made to be followed, but whether the tobacco vendors’ shops are far or near schools, if a person wants it, then he will get it from anywhere,” Shaan said.

He added: There are many states where alcohol is prohibited, but still you will see that you get that very easily. And then there are cases of mass deaths due to bootleg liquor. So, we are not making efforts to push the tobacco vendors away from schools, but we are trying that school and college children should not go to tobacco vendors.”

According to the 2010 Global Youth Tobacco Survey, almost 14.5 percent of tobacco consumers belong to the 13 to 15 age group.

India spends approximately 5.59 million dollars on audio-visual publicity for the anti-tobacco campaign.

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