SAMC to Go Smoke-Free


From 2014 Southeast Alabama Medical Center will go smoke-free.  It would not be easy for people addicted to nicotine but it is important to meke this step and provide necessary help for people wanting to quit.

A big number of hospitals in Alabama have already adopted similar smoke-free and tobacco-free policies. As to SAMC, it began to fight against smoking back in 2007  when the hospital started to restrict smoking by its workers on its campus. In 2009, the hospital stopped hiring people who smoke cigarettes.

The new smoke-free policy extends to patients and visitors and it touches all forms of smoking including e-cigarettes. Besides this, the policy extends to SAMC’s  properties, such as the Neurospine Center, the Southeast Pain Management and Living Well Fitness, and SAMC’s properties in Enterprise, Elba, Troy, Eufaula. The smoking will be prohibited on parking lots and cars parked on any SAMC property.

This year there was opened Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine as a tobacco-free facility. At the moment on SAMC campus there are only 2 designated outdoor smoking zones which will be eliminared on December 30. Already there are placed no-smoking signs. The new smoke-free policy will be applied by SAMC workers and will be implemented in a quite polite and non-confrontational way.

Smoking is addictive and therefore quitting is hard. Being 100% smoke-free is a natural step in performing the mission to take care of people’s health. This is an obvious and important step. Patients will get nicotine supplements that will help them to fight withdrawal symptoms, These days smoking rates are very high in the USA.

It is a quite natural thing that a health care facility takes care about its patients and prohibits smoking on its campus.

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