The Safe Cig helps smokers light up less

Electronic cigarettes are getting their props from smokers across the country for their power to help current cigarette smokers stop lighting up for good. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more widely available everywhere–and are especially popular in areas where smoking bans make it impossible to smoke a traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes helps people breathe easy

Electronic cigarettes helps people breathe easy

The reasons for wanting to stop smoking are broad. Everything from the health of children who are exposed, to personal health and wellness choices. One other main reason smokers are turning to e-cigs is related to anti-smoking rules that are hitting big towns and home towns all across the country every day. Public gatherings and sporting events are pulling the plug on public smoking and making it harder for smokers to find a place to take a drag without someone complaining.

Despite the skepticism of many long time smokers about the effectiveness of an electronic cigarette, many are taking a chance simply because they are looking for a way to still enjoy their nicotine hit without breaking any public rules. Smokers are using e-cigs as a way to stop inhaling the cancer causing and chemical-laden smoke of traditional tobacco products and are finding the e-cig to be equally beneficial.

For many converts to e-cigs, if they try smoking regular cigarettes after having gotten used to the electronic version, they are left with side effects like dizziness or chest tightness that they don’t like.Even though there are more traditional methods to stop smoking, like patches, pills and support groups, electronic cigarettes are meeting a need for smokers that goes beyond a nicotine addiction. They provide convenience and meet the physical habit of simply having a cigarette in your hand or mouth and the comfort that is provided from that. No other nicotine replacement method can offer what an e-cig does. E-cigs are not approved as a stop smoking aide at this time and there are many opponents to the use of e-cigs that is simply based on poorly conducted or spotty evidence that does not prove or disprove the safety of vaping. The FDA is continually fighting to gain control of the e-cig market–especially since the courts ruled that they could me monitored only as tobacco products, and not as nicotine replacement devices.

Showing one person at a time how smoking can be a verstaile and more liberating experience than traditional cigarettes. Electronic versions of cigars and pipes can also be purchased to meet the needs of smokers everywhere and have provided a newfound freedom to their users.

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