Welcome to Randy’s Tobacco Shop in Indianapolis, IN

Our current history begins in September 1989, when our company President and Owner, Randy Biggs, purchased a franchised tobacco store from Tinder Box International. During this period, the 382 square foot tobacco shop specialized in Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes, Lighters, and collectible gifts.

Welcome to Randy's Tobacco Shop

Welcome to Randy's Tobacco Shop

Randy knew at the time of purchase that he wanted to restructure the store and go back to being a traditional tobacco store. Because of that desire, in 1992, Tinder Box at Lafayette Square Mall ceased to exist and the name was changed to THE TOBACCO SHOP of Indianapolis. In June 1996, THE TOBACCO SHOP moved out of Lafayette Square Mall and into a 2000 square foot location. The store was located at 4660 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

In January 2007, Randy’s TOBACCO SHOP moved to the back side of the strip mall, into a 4000 square foot location. This is where the store is today. It is located at 3854 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254. This location is at the corner of 38th Street and Lafayette Road, behind Arby’s, just off of I-65 South in Indianapolis, and just about a mile north of the Indianapolis 500 Race Track.

-Who we are and what we do-

Randy's Tobacco Shop  offer the pipe tobacco a wide variety of tastes and aromas

Randy's Tobacco Shop offer the pipe tobacco a wide variety of tastes and aromas

We here at Randy’s Tobacco Shop strive to be the best personal tobacconists around.

We have a private smoking lounge for our cigar smokers, with 8 comfortable high back chairs and 5 tables that seat 4 people each, there is always enough room to come and relax. The private lounge also has a coffee bar and 3 TV’s. We also have a members only private lounge which is undeniably comfortable. This room has 2 couches, 4 oversized leather, 2 high back cloth chairs, private humidor lockers and much more.

In 1996 Randy decided to expand our store to the online world. In doing so, we hope to provide you, the online shopper, with the best tobacco anywhere, and bring the Personal Service we are known for to our Online Store.

We provide the best quality cigars, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco and accessories that you can buy. We refuse to sell items that are not up to our standards.

From our premium hand-made cigars, to our own private label cigarette tobacco, each item is exceptional in quality.

So please, look around, you’re sure to find what your looking for, and we will do our part to make sure your online experience is as good as if you were visiting our Physical Store. Sorry, cigarette tobacco can only be sold in our physical retail store.

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