Raise of Awarness about Secondhand Smoke in Kent County

Smoking in Car

Kent County Council in England   said it supports the campaign launched by Pubic Health England to inform people about the hidden negative effects which secondhand smoke may cause to kid’s health. It comes right after the Government prohibited tobacco use in cars where children are present.

Experts claim that secondhand smoke is especially bad to kids and teens, because they do inhale tobacco smoke more rapidly. Due to the fact that their airways are only developing, kids should be expecially prevented from tobacco smoke.

It was extimated that anually around 300,000 kids exposed to secondhand smoke do address to GP consultations and 9,500 are even hospitalized.

In Kent there is registered high smoking rate and data shows that it is even highter than the average across England. Moreover, it is high among pregnant women, particular ethnic groups, routine and manual workers.  Totally there are 240,000 smoing people in Kent.

It was found that smoking habit costs to Kent almost £406million every year, which includes £49million in direct costs to the NHS and £19.5million in social care costs.

Data shows that in England, totally three million kids are exposed to secondhand smoke in cars where their parents smoke. Namely this increases risks of getting  meningitis, asthma and respiratory infections.

British Lung Foundation conducted a survey which showed that 86% of kids who are exposed to smoking in cars would like to ask the smoker to butt out. However, only 31% of them do really ask it.

Graham Gibbens from  Kent County Council isupports the campaign to raise awarness  among people about effects of secondhand smoke on kids. This will help to pretect young people from tobacco smoke.

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