Quitting Smoking Leads Workers to Higher Wages


Researchers say that health improvement is not the only benefit of quitting smoking, because recently they found that your wages become higher.

The latest study of American researchers showed that non-smokers are not as wealthy as their colleagues who gave up the habit.

In the research there was used data about tobacco consumption of the US Census Bureau’s population surveys between 1992 and 2011.

The results of the research were published in August by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, they showed that smokers get 80% of what non-smokers make. People who had gave up smoking are paid 5% more than people who have never smoked cigarettes.

The idea that smokers who have left the nicotine habit are paid better has caused a disagreement among people who say that there are many other factors contributing to differences in salary. The attempt to quit smoking is not an easy one and it may take several years. Those who have smoked cigarettes in past and then quit are older than those who smoke at present. It means that former smokers frequently occupy higher posts and respectively get higher wages compared to smokers.

However, there are other reasons why former smokers earn more money. Quitting smoking gives  confidence to the man and makes him determined person,

Research economist Melinda Pitts, who conducted the research, said it takes a special individual to quit his smoking habit and there is a higher compensation for quitting the habit than for not starting it. You may probably ask if namely these qualities inherent in special people influenced the amount of wages. Here experts are sceptical.

Peter Hajek, professor of clinical psychology at the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London replies that this is a kind of misinterpreting a correlation. People who quit successfully smoking are often people with better socio-economic resources in comparison with people who cannot quit smoking.

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