Quit smoking rates set new record in Britain

Over 1,000 people kicked the habit of smoking in 2010, setting a new record of smoking cessation in the country, reports a Hampshire-based local newspaper.

Figures demonstrate that smoking cessation support groups and general physicians that are working closely with the NHS have made a positive impact on people’s lives in Farnborough and Aldershot.

A total number of 2,054 smokers looked for help from NHS-run smoking cessation service Quit4Life and nearly half of them eventually succeeded in quitting, says the Get Hampshire, adding that the phenomenal success rate has not made the local authorities complacent.



Quoting Wendy Bennett, Quit4Line manager in Hampshire, the daily says that the authorities have promised to give their best shot to “increase the numbers of people stopping smoking”. The NHS is now turning its attention to the fans of Aldershot Town FC, among other residents of the area, to rev up its anti-smoking campaign and help more smokers quit.

Stop smoking medicine Champix varenicline has already had its fair share of success in helping people to quit for the long term. Now backed by the countrywide helplines run by the NHS, oral smoking cessation treatment can be expected to achieve greater success than before.

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