Women Twice As Likely To Quit Smoking than Men, UK

The recent study revealed that approximately 400,000 women in comparison with 200,000 men tried to stop smoking on the UK’s largest quit smoking awareness campaign this year. At the campaign smokers were asked “Is it your time to quit smoking?”.

Besides, almost 2 million (20%) adult people decided to make a step to smoking cessation this Day. During that day future nonsmokers planned their quit journey – they read information how to stop smoking, smoked less cigarettes than in a usual day, participated in a No Smoking Day event or see the dedicated website for those who wants to quit smoking.

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day

Amit Aggarwal, Chief Executive of the No Smoking Day charity congratulated all those people who managed to stop smoking on No Smoking Day. By the way, the event as No Smoking Day is celebrated on March, 9. Quitting smoking is the most important thing a person can do for his or her health.

Amit Aggarwal said that this year women who wanted to quit smoking were two times as many than men. It was maybe because women are engaged in health campaigns more than men; however men can do it too.

No Smoking Day propagated the idea that if people did not manage to quit smoking, they would try stopping next day in order to protect their health and money. A person can quit smoking any day and No Smoking Day can be the basis step. There are a lot of services which help quitting smoking.

A lot of events passed throughout the UK on March, 9. Many health professionals took part at this even to give recommendations for those people who wanted to quit smoking.

The survey was conducted by GfK NOP. 4081 adult people participated in the survey. Observation work was carried out in 12 days – from March, 10 till March, 22, 2011.

No Smoking Day is a UK wide charity. It is held every year as the health campaign helping smoking people who want to stop this habit. No Smoking Day celebrates its 28th year. The main goal of this event is to encourage as many smoking people as possible to help them remove the tobacco dependence and take care of their health.

The study demonstrates that a person is four times as likely to succeed with help of National Health System services in smoking cessation.

According to the data 9 million people in the UK are smokers, but only 63% want to quit smoking.

There are a lot of websites which are dedicated for those who want to quit smoking. These sources have information on how to stop smoking and stories from successful quitters.

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