Why Pharmacy Tobacco Sales Bans are not Justified

In accordance with recent data, pharmacy tobacco sales bans are applied throughout Massachusetts. 9 cities have decreed such bans in the past 3 years. According to one of the town’s tobacco control coordinators, the laws should avert the dissimulation of stores which sell medical supplies and cigarettes at the same time and at the same place.

Pharmacy Tobacco Sales Ban

Pharmacy Tobacco Sales Ban

In concordance with information, the action of Massachusetts cities to prohibit tobacco sales at pharmacies seems to be progressive. Of 9 pharmacy tobacco sales bans have come into force since 2009, 4 began this year, and others are under discussion. In accordance with Bob Collett, director the Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program, South of Boston, Sharon defeated a pharmacy tobacco sales ban April 11, but the Wareham Board of Health can choose one. Not long ago, Bob Collett during his presentation to the Wareham board said that he is assured that it will happen there and they do understand the real dissimulation of selling tobacco in pharmacies.

However, Michael Siegel, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, said that it is treacherous for pharmacies to sell medicaments and tobacco products at the same time. Meanwhile, it is incorrectly for policy makers to say that sale of cigarettes in pharmacies is bad, while sale of tobacco products in gas stations is fine.

Averting hypocrisy is not a lawful justification for government interference into private businesses. The fact that corporations like Coca-Cola invest money to organizations like the American Dietetic Association is really hypocritical.

Government interference is justified to avert the public from danger for health. However, the fact that cigarettes are sold in pharmacies is not a risk factor. Indeed, pharmacy sales bans put the problem in the wrong way. They define the question as the sale of tobacco in concrete kinds of shops. The problem is that the products are toxic and addictive.

In the last analysis, Michael Siegel considers that the focus on pharmacy cigarette sales ban is harming, more than helping the tobacco control cause. There may be two versions why this happens:

1. Pharmacy tobacco sales bans do not protect the health of people. They will not cut down the sale of tobacco to kids under-16s, because children will purchase tobacco products elsewhere. In very deed, most kids do not purchase cigarettes in pharmacies to begin smoking.

2. These policies define the problem mistakenly. The policies said that the sale of cigarettes is perfectly fine, but not along with healthful products at the same store.

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