People Drive to Iowa to Buy Cigarettes


Cigarette taxes increase has made many people travel to Iowa to buy cigarettes that are cheaper than in their state The cigarette tax increase that took place this month has different effects on smokers.

Reports of quitting smoking programs show that there were increased numbers of people who want to quit. However, those who want to continue to smoke and want to avoid high prices on cigarettes just drive to other state and buy cigarettes there.

The major goal of nonprofit organization called ClearWay Minnesota is to reduce tobacco use said that this year QuitPlan Services cessation program enjoyed a great increase in the traffic compared to the same time period in 2012. Almost 2,500 of Minnesota citizens visited their website in the first week when the new tax was introduced, and QuitPlan Services received around 400 additional calls on its hotline.

ClearWay Minnesota experts say that a research reveals that tobacco price increases are effective at helping smokers quit, besides this, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine claims that tobacco price is an important factor to reducing smoking prevalence.

Cigarette price increase is estimated to save Minnesotans more than $1.65 million in  health care costs and prevent more than 25,700 smoking related diseases. The tax increase of $1.60 per pack in Minnesota led to cigarettes price increase. Thus average cigarettes price in this state is $7.50 per pack.

For some people tax increase is perfect motivation to quit smoking while for others it is a sign to find other ways to save their money. For example, at Fallgatter’s Market in Northwood, cigarette sales have increased up to $900 per week since the new tax came into action. Cashier at the store said previously she ordered 40 – 45 cartons twice a week for the store but now is ordering 60 – 65 cartons twice a week.

Jackie Villela, cashier at Don’s Motor Mart in Lake Mills, said she has also noticed an increase in cigarette sales since the beginning of the month. She says customers from Minnesota who work in Lake Mills buy their cigarettes while still in Iowa.

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