Not enough evidence to link smoking and lung cancer

A court in Korea has rejected a civil lawsuit filed by the family of a lung cancer victim against the government and KT&G, according to a story by Lee Hyo-sik for the Korea Times.

The Seoul Central District Court dismissed the claim by the family of a former police officer who died of lung cancer that the cigarette manufacturer was to blame for the disease.

Smoking Woman

Woman smoking a cigarette

It cited a lack of evidence that the disease was directly caused by smoking.

And it said there wasn’t enough evidence that the cigarette manufacturer intentionally withheld from smokers information about tobacco’s adverse effects on human health.

‘There isn’t enough evidence proving that serious defects exist in the design and manufacturing of cigarette products,’ the court said.

‘We don’t think KT&G presented false information about its products and or that KT&G did not warn consumers properly about the dangers of nicotine addiction.’

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