Northwestern State University to Go Tobacco-Free

Tobacco-Free Campus

By the end of 2014 in Northwest Louisiana all universities will go totally tobacco-free. The last one who joined is Northwestern State University that declared recently about its decision. The new anti-tobacco policy comes into action from August 1 and prohibits tobacco use on all Northwestern State campuses.

Marcus Jones, Vice President for University Affairs, told that the anti-tobacco policy will cover not all campuses but also properties leased or operated by the university, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, vehicles owned or leased by the university and cars on the Northwestern State campus whether they are moving or parked. The policy prohibits smoking on all University events and is applied to students, staff and visitors.

It should be noted that Northwestern State University earlier had implemented a smoke-free campus policy, which bans smoking within 25 feet of campus buildings and at outdoor athletic facilities.  The new policy aims to create a healthy environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors on Northwestern State’s campus by restricting tobacco use. All people in the University must be protected from secondhand smoke.

The Louisiana Legislature demands that all public post-secondary institutions in the state go smoke free. The anti-tobacco policy bans the use of all products containing tobacco Those who will smoke a cigarette on the university area will be subjected to a fine.

New students will be informed about the policy during orientation sessions. Also the changes in the university will be communicated on safety meetings, internal communications and mails to athletic ticketholders.  LSU Shreveport will go 100% tobacco-free on August 1, 2014. Southern University Shreveport went tobacco-free in July 2013.

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