Non-nationals paying €2.30 less per cigarette packet

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Eastern and Central Europeans who live in Ireland pay €2.30 less for a cigarette packet than Irish population.

People from Eastern European countries make up 25% of supposed 134,000 people who used illegal cigarettes.

People of this group smoked counterfeit brands – they ordered tobacco products from abroad or asked acquaintances to bring large amounts from other counties.

These data was provided according to a study carried out for the Revenue Commissioners into the extent of the illegal trade.

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According to the findings of the study, in 2010 people from Poland, Central and Eastern Europe who live in Ireland paid an average of €5.43 per cigarette packet in comparison with €7.79 for Irish nationals.

According to the data residents of Ireland smoke two fewer cigarettes daily, however 46 per cent of the Europeans smoke illegal cigarettes in comparison with 11 per cent of Irish smokers.

Two years earlier the price difference had varied by €1 per cigarette packet according to the results of the study. This happened because the European smoking people began to buy less cigarettes from Europe compared to big bulk purchases in 2010.

The results were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The data revealed an essential difference in the likelihood of certain categories of smoking people to smoke illegal brands. At that time 32% of Eastern and Central Europeans pollees said that they had bought cigarette packets in a shop in comparison with 82% of Irish people.

Approximately one third of smokers from Poland spent less than €4.50 per cigarette packet in comparison with 7% of Irish people who paid less than this.

The Revenue Commissioners divided respondents into two categories — Old Europe and New Europe. Old Europe contained Ireland and other pre-EU expansion European countries.

New Europe covered the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungry, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

The recent three studies revealed that those in the Old Europe category smoked more than one cigarette daily but were more likely to have purchased a legal brand.

It was said in the study that illegal cigarette packs were used by 11% of Old European smokers and by 46% of New European smokers.

The study as well found that the popularity of contraband packets was higher among residents of New Europe: “11 per cent of packs were classified as being contraband, 9 per cent of Old Europe smokers’ packs and 39 per cent of New Europe smokers’ packs were found to be contraband.”

More 20% of the Eastern Europeans smokers got their cigarettes from friends who brought back packets from trips abroad.

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