New York Shows Decline in Smoking Rates


On Monday, state officials said that in New York there was reported lowering of smoking rates.

In past four years smoking rates among high school students has reduced by 42% to 7.3%, while the adult smoking rate has reduced to 14.5%, below the national average of 17.8%.

State authorities say that smoking rates reduction occured due to common anti-smoking efforts of the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan and Tobacco Control Program.

In 2003 was adopted Clean Indoor Air Act which banned use of tobacco in restaurants and a number of other workplaces. Harlan Juster, director of the state Health Department’s Bureau of Tobacco Control told that there were increased taxes on cigarettes and those money were directed to the state budget.

However, in past years there was significantly cut funding of anti-tobacco efforts. In 2008-2009, New York state spent $84 million on the program, while in 2012-2013 it reduced to $39.3 million.

Harlan Juster says that generally the state achieved success in anti-smoking efforts. In the USA best results in fighting smoking achieved California and Florida, and New York goes right afther them.

According to Judy Rightmyer, director of the Capital District Tobacco Free Coalition,   New York shows great results when it comes to tobacco control. However, despite good results here, smoking rates still remain high among certain groups of people. For example, smoking rates are high among poor people, people with mental diseases and people with no education.

Knowing that, officials want to restrict sale of tobacco products in areas where those categories of people live. Also there is a need to develop adequate policies to reduce number of tobacco retailers.

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