New York City to Ban Display of Cigarettes


New York plans to raise legal smoking age to 21 and besides this to ban dispay of cigarettes in the stores. These anti-tobacco measures to be adopted soon as Michael R. Bloomberg intends to make New York a smoke-free city.

However, authorities of the New York city say that e-cigarettes escape display ban in their city. The opponents and supporters of e-cigarettes, consider that the Mr. Bloomberg choses to revoke a measure that was strongly opposed by a group of retail stores and probably is to meet a serious constitutional encounter.

This week the City Council is going to vote on a number of anti-tobacco measures such as increasing the smoking age from 18 to 21 and ban the sale of discounted tobacco products.

Mr. Bloomberg  says that ban of dispaly of tobacco products in stores will help to prevent kids from tobacco marketing and to keep people quitting smoking from chance purchases of cigarettes. However, tobacco retailers said that it would affect negatively their business. Several parts of the bill were also opposed by supporters for e-cigarettes, as they say that nicotine-delivery devices are healthier alternatives to smoking tobacco.

Zoe Tobin, a spokeswoman for the City Council, and Jean Weinberg, a spokeswoman for the Health Department, said that it is evident that the display of tobacco products encourages children and teenagers to smoke, but it is unclear what to do with e-cigarettes, because they rise controversial opinions.

It is expected that FDA will publish this week regulations on e-cigarettes. Greg Conley, the head of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, said that the regulation would not affect a law that keeps regular cigarettes out of sight.  He said also that the display ban is absolutely unconstitutional.

In 2010, a federal judge rejected a law that imposed tobacco retailers to post horrible images of damage caused by smoking.

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