New Smoking Policy Came into Action in Beaverton

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In the city of Beaverton, Oregon, from September 1 a new tobacco-free policy comes into effect. The new policy touches far more than just city’s buildings.

Use of tobacco is going to be prohibited not only in city-owned buildings but in leased buildings too. Besides this, in Beaverton smoking will not be permitted on any city-sponsored event or venue.

The authorities say these anti-tobacco measures are taken in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle in their city.

Until Sunday, the use of tobacco had been prohibited in city-owned buildings only. However, Sunday’s tobacco ban expansion spreads to city-owned or leased properties, city-sponsored events or venues, the parking areas of Beaverton City Hall, Activities Center and Community Center, the city’s Operations Facility, Beaverton City Library,

In a press release, the City of Beaverton reports that smoking is prohibited inside all privately owned means of transport when parked in the zones mentioned above.

In October 2012, the city received a federal grant in an amount of $1.6 million from the Center for Disease Control in order to improve total health of citizens in the community. The new anti-tobacco initiative in Beaverton meets main requirement of the grant to increase the number of tobacco-free places for staff and resident access.

Mayor of the city, Denny Doyl, said in a statement that as a good federal partner, they recognize that the city of Beaverton has a responsibility to protect their employees and visitors from the negative effects of secondhand smoke. The major aim of authorities is to create a healthy environment for the citizens and this step is very important in achieving it.

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